Cam Steady, Mix Williams, Connor Quest!, Kevin Krust, Zach B, DizzyEight, NateWantsToBattle, Sailorurlove, Pe$o Pete, Ham Sandwich, HalaCG, GameboyJones, Rustage - Pokemon Villain Cypher lyrics

NateWantsToBattle [Nathan Sharp]

HalaCG [UK,London]

[Cam Steady, Mix Williams, Connor Quest!, Kevin Krust, Zach B, DizzyEight, NateWantsToBattle, Sailorurlove, Pe$o Pete, Ham Sandwich, HalaCG, GameboyJones, Rustage - Pokemon Villain Cypher lyrics]

Who murders tracks while merkin' brats
With stats that crack the dirt in half
Who lures and traps your surging rat
While turning that to thirty racks
Who's earning massive stacks of cash
With Persians perched upon his lap
The word is fact, you're learning that
No person has unearthed this badge
This is crime rap, with divine wrath
Digging trainer's graves with fissures
Like it's Minecraft
My lab's making mad gods to my lap dogs
If you face the bad boss
You're about to blast off

Don't fuck with the boss
Or you could chalk up a loss
Give no fucks, I got rough skin, Sharpedo
That Hydro Pump bitch, I reload
I have a whale of a time, Kyogre, huh
Team Aqua gon' take the world over, huh
You know who the alpha
When you hear the laughter
I be the winner when it's over, huh
Look at the drip, I move like a man possessed
I call up my dogs to intimidate ya
You know we as bad as it gets
You get smacked up if you act up
You can ask those on Team Magma
If it's legends, then I catch 'em
Let my balls hang cause they masters, yeah

Magma, that's how I flow, no
The ocean can go like a volcano, I evaporate
No emotion shown for a whole damn zone
Any stones that I throw
The impact'll shake earth
Causing a chasm and big craters
Course I'm a baddie, kid I hate ya
Scorching the planet and it's nature
It's my nature so fuck the climate
Primal instinct is what drives a man
My final plan's to buy up all
The world as private land i'm here to lead
They gon' hail me like a taxi cab
I'll make them bleed if they're
Stepping into Maxie's pad

I'm headed to peak with the most righteous
So you better remember the name Cyrus
I'm on a path that's intertwined with
A debt that's paid when the world goes silent
My isolation has proven useless
Still viewed with a clouded hubris
Watch as I prove my "distorted" views
Pinned against a few kids who
Think the world is
Worth saving? Oh, for creation!
Our divine right is to die and become vacant
I've got no patience for this time wasted
I'll become God, your judgement is waiting
I wanna bring rebirth and you fear
A world with no pain, a world with no spirit
Make space as my plan unfurls
And I'll show you the birth of an ideal world

Act like I'm living in a fantasy
Not afraid of loss a bit, I've seen it all
Alone and young when they abandoned me
Speaking the truth is ideal
You talk a lot in your shield
Only trying to do what I think is right
I couldn't really care how you feel
With any mission they notice my diligence
What has more beauty and
Terror than innocence
I find that heroes are often more villainous
How do we even notice what the difference is
I ain't fulfilled, even if it gets me killed
Yeah, I know that is impractical
But even still
Wait 'til I show you my skills
Guess that's why they call me Natural

Yeah, I been a savage
Even though you getting sonned, you a bastard
Put your body on a screen like plasma
That's the N for your team
Catch the beam with your back up
I hope that you croak, 'cause I'm toxic
Blast off on your team like a rocket
I send out Reshiram, that be your requiem
Turbo Blaze, if I shoot you can't stop it
They out of options
I'm on a mission, they don't really get it
Oh, you in your feelings? I
Don't really feel it
I have an ambition, you not in my vision
I'm not what you missing
I been a baller, I mastered this
He thought it was sweet, I ain't having it
Pulling the strings, what I dabble in
I do 'em like Black when attacking 'em

And now it's time for repentance
I'll make this world in my image
I'm burning down this whole
Planet with mandatory attendance
I know you can't comprehend it
Can't stop this ultimate weapon
This ugly world you're protecting
Is halting true evolution!
If you don't mind my genocide, Gyaradosite
I'ma hold this got my finger on the trigger
I'm about to go down
Go down with the whole ship
You call it insane, I call it some flare
I'm bringing the pain
A beautiful world that will bow to my name
So, start up the battle, I'm ending the game

Take a step back
Here's a MILF that you don't wanna mess with
On a dark path
Tainted president who's blessed with
An Ultra Beast I ain't afraid to unleash
Betrayed by my own family
I got nothin' to lose but my Nihilego
Gonna let it loose, it'll drop your ego
Better Bewear
Alola ain't got nothing left for me
I'm here in Ultra Space
Aether Paradise ain't the place
I envisioned anyway

Life was unfair, I was dealt with a bad hand
So for those with bad luck
I opened my bad hands they say I'mma bad man
But actually if you knew 'bout my strategies
You wouldn't be as mad at me
And realize I was that man
Ice on me real, fuck a Z Crystal, uh
Cream of the crop with no Z Crystals, uh
And just because my dance hit different
Doesn't mean we are forgettin'
No forgivin' we get buzzin', if u buggin'
Fuck Kukui, no discussion
See us comin and they runnin'
King on my team, no runner up, man
Through Alola cause destruction

They ain't got shit on the president
They know I carry that metal for mettling
Everybody bein' hesitant
I'm in a high gear, my drive is evident
Shift gear, know my drive is real
'Cuz the end is coming and the time is near
But I been had a plan, I ain't got no fear
I'mma take the lead, I'mma volunteer
I got balls of steel, you a peon dude
Beyond Grookey leveled like a Rillaboom
They talkin' down and say they
Could be in my shoes
But all I see a bunch of cap
I'm in Leon's room
This eon's doomed without me, tragic
Feel like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes
They know what separates Rose from the Ashes
Same thing separating poses and actions

Prepare for trouble and make it doubl-

Manmade, am I only a copy?
These humans can't stop me, I'm one of a kind
You bargain your life, these pokemon slaves
To their service, no purpose
They're out of their minds
I'm not just a puppet, I strike back
Got your fate in my clutches, no life hacks
I got clones in the hundreds, that's my gang
You don't like that? Cut a lifespan
Bitch, I'm quite mad
Tryna send a message like a synapse
You cannot defend, you finna fight bad
'Cus I'm not a weapon for a price tag
See the people moving like a timelapse
Leaving bodies breaking out of my lab
You can try and face me but you'll die, sad
This the climax
Make a motherfucker want to cry, Ash

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