Freshy Kanal, KC, Chi-Chi - Yuri vs. Toko Fukawa lyrics

Freshy Kanal

[Freshy Kanal, KC, Chi-Chi - Yuri vs. Toko Fukawa lyrics]

Rap Battle! Yuri!
Versus! Toko Fukawa!

Let me read you a poem I wanted to write
About the troll and the love of her life
Yet the one that she likes leaves
Her dreams cut like a knife
I call it 'Ghosted Under the Light'
Now I'm sorry to mention the topic
But I can't help but feel it's ironic
You'd think you'd find peace with
The skeletons in your closet
After all those days locked in it?
Your Jekyll-Hyde jokе is so mild
Mixed up at birth
But can't mix up your style
I can't bear your creepy plots
You gеt a cold and then turn
Into a hormonal Sweeney Todd
You fill your novels with your
Smut on every page
The only real tale' you know
Are from your braids stop acting slick
You're a closed-minded coward
Think you got flow? Miss
You don't even shower

S-S-S-Save me the tears
A-A-All you do is whine
No wonder your back hurts so much
Someone must've took out your spine
In your Teletubbie Club
Your the most unbearably clingy
No one wants to share a weekend
In the bin with Kinky Winky! (ACHOO)

Let's add genocide into the beat
Crushing Monika's pawns like it's UDG
What a basic bitch, I'm shocked you got beat
Like what character is left in
Your files to delete?
When it comes to my racier tastes
I'm not shy
But they must call you Yuri 'cause
You can't land a guy
Lines so flat like the Doki
Doki in your heart stopped in the courtroom
You'll be another portrait to mark off
I look at what I want and I always get it
You stutter a single sentence and
You instantly regret it
I bet you were taking pointers
On the verse I spew
You're sinking low in shame
Got the bookworm's eye view
You'll be looking like your banners
When your chopped through
'Cuz scissors beat the paper you
Get your rocks off to!
You know I'm shredding through
Your fancy little letters
Now get that pen outside of you
And write me something better!

Let me read you a poem I wanted to write
About a ugly hag who's fucking despised
By her parents, her class
Everyone in her life
If you killed yourself now, nobody would cry!
Grew close to your man then in Case 2
He went out his way to frame you
Then only your picture remained in
Your bad ending playthrough
And he went out of his way to frame you!
I made my man lose my mind
With the love in his heart
You made a boy lose a bet
With how ugly your are
Open your Third Eye, four eyes
Yapping 'bout code
When your reality, Sho, is a reality show
And I bet your count of
Kills mostly scarred you
Go carve a tally with
Your friendship with Komaru
I'm gently closing the door on
Your little love story
Try not to get too hung up on your rejection

Take those piss poor flows and find
More poems to pee on!
You leave a bathroom worse off than Leon!
You should show me the party
Moves you got in store
'Cuz girl once the beat dropped
You hit the club floor
Monika Altered your ego, killing your game
You were left as a minor annoyance
Your depressive obsession was still
Just in vain
But it wasn't entirely pointless!

Who won who's next?
You decide!
The next rap battle is on the way!

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