​​sudbath, polar333, GORESET, Vaeo, ​k0a, Dylan Longworth, mssnger, YDKM - FEAR OF GOD lyrics

The McDonald's worker forgot my
Rouri chicken nuggets
So I took her out back and
Shot her like a lame horse

Plastic bags hang from these
Trees like banshees
I'm surrounded by danger
We can't show no fear
Skinwalker, I'll cut you down to
Gorestepper for life, you can't control me
Bodies droppin' in the yard
Be careful where I step
And it's hard to hear you talkin'
While you're chokin' on your breath
And it's like a scrimmage to the death
And I'm draggin' you to hell, ain't
No point in fearin' death
I'm still spinnin' on the block
Ain't no fear of God

If hе got some shit to talk
Make his body rock
I stay smokin' gasoline
Blowin' out еxhaust
And you a pussy motherfucker
You got no shit to talk

They try to leave me with no options
Shoot your block up, leave you in a coffin
Smell like blood when I walk in
Smoking on three blunts
Hit them with the toxins
Tripping off the narcotics
I've been gone too long
Got me feeling nauseous
Buried them inside a garden
Ten feet down so nobody ever finds it

Got no control of my head
Can't remember a word I said
I think I'd rather be dead
I'm gonna put you to bed (GORESET)
GORESET shit, I'ma put you in a leglock
Cry, little bitch
I ain't stoppin' 'til your head drop
Red dot, lead hot, instant kill, one shot
Smokin' on your pack
It look like you still work at Walmart
Run it up, run it up, bitch
You'll never make the cut
Goresteppin' 2022, yeah, we blowin' up

Cut the lights, I wield with spite
I got no feelings
I'll stop your breathing
Pussy motherfucker say he mean it
I bring the stick to the meetings
I ain't come to talk
I came to fucking bleed it
Blow your head straight off
Make your homie fucking clean it
Cut the lights, I take my fucking mask off

Mask on, I'ma put ya'll in the past tense
Pull up on the set and hit you with a strap
Send him to his grave
I ain't ever give a last chance
Pull up like an asset, drop him
Take his scalp back
Nightcrawlin', think I'm 'bout to
Catch a body
Pop star, yeah, this shit is not a hobby
Hit a cypher like a lick, I feel like Rocky
Stepped in the game, now everybody tryna copy

"Die" that's what she told me when
She looked into my eyes
Every word that comes out of her
Mouth is just a lie
Molly rock into my water bottle, fuck
I'm high
Red Circles on his body
Turn him to a pizza pie

I just spent all my money at the GameStop
Typin' fast, yeah
You sweatin' on your laptop
Eyes wide, snortin' lines in an IHOP
I just got some donair off an airdrop

I'ma leave you in a coffin
Bitches try to talk to me
You runnin' out of options
There ain't no runnin' from me, I'll leave
I'ma fuckin' look down at you
Like I'm a martian
Bodies droppin' down to
The motherfuckin' floor
Try to hate on me
But you won't be talkin' no more
You be talkin' to the sword, bitch
Road rash, car crash into a ditch

Fuck you for applying
We reviewed your request and you are not
Valid to gorestep at this time
GORESET is for the best of the
Best goresteppers in the game
I know you follow everyone in GORESET
But you're not that guy
You're not that guy

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