Grind Time Now, Real Deal, Fresco, Dirtbag Dan, Soul Khan - Real Deal & Fresco vs Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan lyrics

[Grind Time Now, Real Deal, Fresco, Dirtbag Dan, Soul Khan - Real Deal & Fresco vs Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan lyrics]

You two are in trouble
You better hope Christ don't carry a
Grudge and count your Jewish rebuttals
Now Dirtbag I'm getting pissed
You're on my shit list
Real talk I'm getting pissed
You'll be on it
Once I get you off of Schindler's List

Yo, yo, yo, he is a dirtbag (oh yeah?)
But that's because he cocks his mother
If he wanted something hot for supper he'd
Have to lock and cuff her
He said he wanted to stop last winter
He didn't want a brother
Until he got a box of
Rubbers as a stocking stuffer

Oy vey! Soul Khan you've been
Losing battles a lot
And since you're Jewish you can appreciate
How much your value has dropped
But me? I'm ahead of my game
Your style should come patented
With Rhetoric's name and Dan
How come you look like a vagabond but your
Wife's always the one catching the train?

Oh, oh
That's prolly cause this motherfucker was
Born in a manger (Real talk?)
Not cause he's a Lord or a savior
His parents just thought that that
Shit was normal behavior yo fuck that
Your Jewish bargaining tactics are
Never gonna work try to haggle me for a Real
Deal and ended up with Dirt

This shit's a vacation for me
I'm in the O to burn my salary
We can shave our beards
Real Deal can't grow a personality
Yo, he a good dude though
I'd hate to give him second place
They say nice guys finish
Lastall over Fresco's face

This kid got kicked out seminary for gay sex
And this guy looks like 80%
Of every preliminary rape sketch
Aye, tell your buddy K-Fed to get
An AIDS test and don't lie
He's one of those dudes that raped you on
That pinball machine in Boys Don't Cry

Now Fresco the type of dude
To get AIDS by reflex
And then drop a clothing
Line called HIV necks
Yo, we California bred
How the fuck are we supposed to fear
A Pittsburgh Pirate and a rectal Buccaneer

Stop stop hey let's be honest
I'm feeling Kid Caustic's wordplay
Wait a minute, you're not Caustic
He has more of a bird face

Yo, motherfuckafuck it
Whatever you was rapping was weak
He's from Woodland Hills
They named it after his cheek
Let that shit sink in a little bit

Yo, yo check it out this is how we Jew it
Yo, yo he knows Jew-jit'su and Jew do
Your favorite movie is Juno
You back that ass up listening to Jew-vie
In a pair of pink daisy dukes that say Jew-cy

Hey, this motherfucker was frozen in ice
For most of his life
So he ain't prepared to battle
I flew from Florida, Southwest
He flew south east on a pterodactyl

And that fact that you shaved your
Beard means you're not so smart
Looking like you fuck dudes on the
Down low dressed as Groucho Marx

Did you know Soul Khan's a fiend?
And he rolls with his dealer here
Ahh Dustface
He thinks he plays ball cause he gotta
Slide in Dirt to touch base
You grew a playoff beard but you
Suck at every damn sport
I'll take a shit in your Brown Bag
And burn it on Dan's porch

Eh, fuck your entire verse Simon Birch
Go get your tools up
Help rebuild Jebodiah's church
Or fucking drown in a school bus faggot

Our battle, was a classic match up between
Two of the finest your battle
Was a one sided rape fest domestic violence

Don't ever you fucking mention Brown
Bag in your lines
I sold motherfucking more records than
Both you faggots combined!

Y'all heard Real Deal's music? Like
The Plight of Trevor Weller
All your beats sound like they
Produced by motherfucking Hellen Keller
I've heard of generic motherfuckers
He's as plain as they come
You're Trevor, your kid's Trevor
You even suck at naming your son

How original is he with the names?
I mean, Real Deal, original ain't that?
About as original as a Myspace photo shoot of
You writing raps on the train tracks

I say this, if Fresco's tracks
That shit'll just paid for y'all
I'd rather get kicked in the taint or balls
Than listen to Clarisa explain it all
And you ever making gay jokes
With yo' feminine habit's
Well that's like the pot calling
The kettle a faggot

Honestly, I feel like we're
Giving him a thrashing
We should be giving him a thrashing
He takes so much dastardly dick
When he takes a shit it
Sounds like Muttley laughing

And I know this might
Sound a little homophobic
But, you're the only dude I know
Who's ever owned a glow stick

Yo, yo, yo I don't wanna battle with
You two fucking hoes
That Muttley line's dope
Madness told it to me two months ago
Soul you're a sad soul
When he thinks when Dan raps it's a bitch
Cause every time he cuts you off you
Have a flashback to your bris

Soul Khan smells like shit, honestly foul
I told dude
"Get in the shower" and tossed him a towel
He said, "Uh
Huh you fooled my people once I
Won't fall for it now"
I bet you karaoke Adam Sandler's Hanukkah
Song and you know every word
Picture him at gay bars, showing up slurred
Louis and Ogre from Nerds

Aye, but we had his Jewish broad
She was tasting the cock
And after three hours of breaking her box
We had her down on all fours
Puking up bagels and lox
See, you're gay as AIDS and
You suck in the cipher
And you're David Spade after
A month of Survivor
But lost your razor blade when
You were hunting a tiger

I think this Virgin Mary needs
A purse to carry
And when it comes to rappers
You make Dumbfoundead look as much as
A mercenary as fucking Dirty Harry
And you're not getting pussy, blame them
And if the shit isn't clearlook
Who the fuck's face is
On the flier and look how many women in here
And when Soul Khan's piping Dan, he's like
"Chill out when you start to take it"
While he's target aiming on his tramp
Stamp of the Star Of David

You honey drippers ain't a match
For Daniel and Khan
Here's your relationship in three words, Bed
Bath & Beyond
Time been tough for Real Deal he been
Feeling wrecked by the stress or nah-
He been wrecked by the stress building
Until he got a job as
A bodyguard protecting Perez Hilton

This motherfucker was in the 'Zay trying to
Get chicks and he got all bitter
Cause they were like, "Let's go fuck"
And he was like, "Nah, let's go scissor"
Honestly, when it comes to me
And Khan beating y'all, bro no prob
And I appreciate y'all trying
To grow facial hair
We call that "homoflage"

I got the voice of a goddamn beast
You got the voice of a drama coach
Here's the Real Deal
Five bucks for five nuts in yo' mama's throat
And I'll say this, they asked me for a favor
I'd be an asshole if I said no
So by the power invested in me I
Now pronounce you man and Fresco

Yo, yo
Yo this motherfucking rabbi's pathetic
Every time he performs the
Entire crowd turns anti-semitic
If he needs attention he has to go
On a chatline to get it
Cause ass from a black guy is
Something you can't buy with credit

Dirt, Dirt, real talk, how long are you arms?
Cause that'd make a perfect addition to
The cross in my yard and I swear to God
Grind Time has got us rap battling faggots
Thanks for this wack album
Of trash Zach Galifianakis

Aye, I could fire in the sky
Like it's not for no reason
Pop, your dome's leaking
My shots are Soul seeking

Ayo, and we can flip shit and
Rip it with yo' name
Cause on the way to Auschwitz there
Was no dancing on Soul Train

Eh, Dan said he piped a Mexican
Broad but I don't think so
Cause you speak Spanish so you
Realize that no means no but to your wife
Yes means yes and no means rape
And maybe means I'm giving
Her a protein shake

You know what? Honestly
You guys keep fucking around and
It's the world's end
I'ma hold your ass down while Soul Khan
Beats the fuck outta your girlfriend

If I slap Fresco he'd
Release a deafening queef
I have to say "no homo" after
Every single sentence you speak
Real Deal murdered you
You continue to nut hug
My papa was a rolling stone
Yours is a butt plug

A fucking cross on your yard kid?
You must really like me
Go out there, pull it out
And pray to daddy nightly

Yo Real Deal, this might be a sore subject
For me to tread on
But, I don't think your son is
Gonna like his new step mom
Y'all some mark ass new jacks
We were born for doing this
If Grind Time was Voltron
Fresco would form the uterus

Yo, he rolls with a squad of broads
But never wants to bang out
Cause all the chicks wanna do with dudes
Is go shopping and hang out
I mean, come clean bro
You kick it with a bunch of teen hoes
Who only really let you hang out cause
You let 'em borrow your clean clothes

And Real Deal got a
Jersey of Roberto Clemente
That's really sweet and fine
But here you gon' be like him and
Die before you reach your prime

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