Groundworks, 98s, CGM, Smokes, Jimmy, ZK (CGM), V9, Unknown T, Tugz, Trapx10, Sav’O (CGM), Rack5, Mazza (Homerton), Kay-O, Kilo Jugg, Horrid1, Hitman (Holly Street), Dodgy, DA (Holly Street), AlChubbino, AB Hammerville - Groundworks Cypher 2021 lyrics

Oh shit
It's that time of the year again
Groundworks Cypher 2021
Myself, the general
Kenny Allstar on the decks
Understand, this is about to
Be a momentous occasion
S-So without further ado
Let's get it crackin'

Niggas know what I'm on with the cheffers
Flick that, dip that, no flip-flap
Man do it with tekkers
No chit-chat, man do him in seconds
Whip, sit back with loaded weapons
Smith & Wesson, .357
Slip, trip, get severed
Touch my estate, rudeboy, get peppered


I got my hands in my pants
He thinks it's a shank
But, it's really my keys
I ain't takin' you in when
You talk 'bout gang
My diesels peak, shoulda heard that scream
Whole team had to squeeze and buss
It ain't just Unknown T
My man try fill up petty, gang caught
Up, he didn't fill up no petty

Our colour resort is death
Bro's took out his guts and left bro hard
In the street 'cah the beef's intense
The opps they dodgin' death, his eyes on MAC
The same car get left
I still got smoke incense
Up the Glock .9, let corn dispense
A bitch told me, I'm sick in the head
'fore I ever got head
It was jugg and finesse
I see a man get wet
And start holdin' his neck
Got wet, got wet, got wet while got wet
Got wet and he still
So much man on my cheff who's next?
He'll back my shank like a hundred percent

Just got a glimpse of a focus
I pray that red JP ain't fourteen
More time, I drive this car like a Geordie
Anytime I step on street
I just pray that the jakes ignore me
Still serve birds, late like Morley's
In the ride there's a sentence
Any on tops then we decamp surely
We're still on badness
We don't even talk much
Still good fellas like Paulie
Gang make big men drown
Adults swim
Rick and Morty
In the beef, I get rid of this pain
Fans say my raps come like morphine
Shots spread on my phone while I'm workin'
I'm sendin' out a text, good verse
We need that surely

I see the shotty make fall down to his knees
Would've thought that the crains united
The handle on my flick knife tightened
And had man hospital bed like spritened
I didn't ask Kiki if she's ridin'
I know Jsav got Toosie slidin'
TY on the clutch, he's drivin'
And still hops out
Does that drill in silence
ZK made the opps scream high-pitched
Pulled that string on the bridge, no violence
No high bridge, the guys on the
And the boys
But the opps still internet typin'
The trident had me locked with the lifers
I'm sittin' in the dock for a
Year I put a knife
I ain't blown in rap, but I'm tryin'
So all the low yutes say no to the violence

Swear last night, I went cray'

Next day, inasne
Coulda smoked a opp and went bae
That's a blood pool in the rain
I don't chat, don't lack
If I smoke a opp I get
If I smoke a opp, he turn pack
Bet doctors got his back
No heart here's gone stone (Ayy)
Put two O's in my phone (Ayy)
Put the bruck back on loan (Ayy)
I'm a bad boy on my own (Ayy)
In OT, I'm unknown
When you home? I don't know
That stove there's for the stove

Why the fuck do the
Talk like murder the squad?
They ain't murdered dons, we murder dons
Got my shank and his chat
Ching and I hurt that don
We the ones who turn up the BB
Dealin' with guts, how he ?
We bored up the whole of and

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