V9, Trizzac , Kwengface - 9ZOO lyrics

[V9, Trizzac , Kwengface - 9ZOO lyrics]

ZCBeats mmm
Ay, come 'ere

Pull up and shave man anywhere gang
You think I care like Apple?  (I don't)
Get man gone,  I can't air these drops
(I can't)
Teach him a lesson, Mrs Crabapple (Ay)
Put metal through you like a apple (Bow, bow)
Hold him down, I call that a grapple (Mhmm)
Chest shot, watch a yute dismantle
(Ching, ching)
Don't try run off, I'll juice that mango
(Ay, come 'ere) i'm a serious fucker (I am)
Get man down in front of his mother (Splash)
Get it too if she try play a role (Mhmm)
V9 bad, fully involved (Ay)
Back road drillings, we came with smoke
(Bow, bow)
Had my man screamin' like, "You man back me"
(Ay, you man)
You dickhead, feel this one you little patty
(Ching, ching)

I just linked D Skeng
And he's tellin' me the times that
He mashed up the Spartan opps
And I'm showin' him times I lurked
Slapped that wap, parked it off
(On your strip)
The way that I'm stuck in the trap
More time I forget I'm a artist don
Yo, let me just chop this grizz
Wash my hands, bark this dog
The mash got clarted off
Just saw me a opp and he darted off
Fuckin' hell
Why the Zone's ain't chartin' don? (Why?)
Yo, if we wet man down it's grievous
(Wet, wet) we fuckin' mean it (Wet, wet)
Put this mango to your Rambo
It ain't nuttin' but peelings

(Trizzla) i love ridin' like a bad B
My opps are pussy, call them fanny
(They're wet)
Walk with a stick, grandad or nanny
When it's time to ride I get way too catty
(I love it)
Their dad got dropped on their block, sadly
(Dead) now they orphans just like Annie
One in the back, another in the passy
That day both of them felt my sammy
(Ching them)
I know that they weren't too happy
Them man are babies, call them Maggie
(They're babies)
One-seven inch rambo I carry
When they dash I'm pissed, 'cause I'm a fatty
(Aaah) i wish I was Annie
Them man are bitches, call them trannies
D-Dsqueezo's too tappy
Award for the drilling, give him a Grammy

Arm extend like Bender
When I'm on the opp block doin' up Fry (Grap)
The opp block come all
Dead like their friends
True say, them man don't ride (Dead up)
Juice him up like a blender
Watch my arm extend like Bender
I can't miss like Bendtner
Sweep him up, leave him dead up

Free all my guys man, keep your head up
(Free 'em)
Fuck all the opps man, I swear I'm fed up
(Fuck them)
Sauce on your top like I spilled ketchup
(Ching) i got bad B's, man don't get set up
Dead up, dead up (Ay)
A lot of my opps are dead up (Ay)
He dashed last time that we met up
Ching man down until he can't get up
(Ching him)

Young boy with a helmet like Sandy
(Got there)
Lemonade Gang, spill juice like Shandy
I got bro like Billy has Mandy (I do)
It gets drilled when I reap on patties
Flip flop or my shank gets splashy (Ching)
I was pissed that we never caught (Damn)
I heard he was doin' up dasheen
(Ay, come 'ere)
Wagwan for these baddies (Some)

Jiggle, jiggle that batty (Ay)
Gyally on me plus I'm on gyally (Ay)
Colombian ting, she callin' me papi (Ay, ay)
Free PS, man free up mi pally (Free the guys)
Snoopy gets tappy plus he's on shavings
I swear, I swear that he must get cravings
(Love it)
I don't like niggas, yes, I'm racist
(I don't)
My opps get packed, like they're ravin'
(They're gone)

Ay, wave it, shave it (Wave it)
Back your mash and blaze it (Brap)
One got shot in his chest
And they ain't stepped out
That shit is amazin' (Muad)
I'm in the kitchen doin' up bakin' (Wait)
Or I'm on the opp block doin' up stakin'
(Cheff) if I see me a opp boy, Xing Xiao
I'mma red tape it (Bloody)


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