MKAY - Next Up? (S4.E7) lyrics


Family of six no food in the fridge
But we just took life as it went by
I’ve looked death straight through
My left eye
Heart broken 'cah she moved to a next guy
Maybe In the next life
I know we’ll see one and other let’s not lie
I wanna fix our bond but be real
How tight is the knot tide
To busy with somebody else’s broken heart
I forget to correct mine
I gotta keep movin' step on the best
Line to prevent crime from ruinin' greatness
Mum I wish you could hear us when we
Was young I been waitin' for ages
How can we call this a home when
Everyone there was feelin' like strangers
Now I’m a house full of strangers constantly
Chasin' the queen on the paper
I got ten, twenty's, you name it
We did all of that whilst
You sat there gamin'
Water fallin' through man I can’t lie
This life is so drainin'
Air Bourne virus matte Damon four man
For your squad like Jason
School days with Riley and mason sticks and
Stones got dashed at the bacon
No dogs in the whip but
Here comes the bully van
I might end up in the station
And I seen some evil things growin' up
Ut I just want to narrate it
I remember in school once upon a
Time the kid wasn’t rated
The govs just started trackin' and tracin'
Been doin' that since since
The battle of Hastings
School days they used there savings to buy
Uniform my shirt and my blazer
What a waste of money cuh I spent most
Of my high school days just blazin'
But it’s not my fault it’s
The place I was raised
But it’s not my fault it’s the
Place I was raised up
After voo came Daja I need Gs like it was
Data 4 or 5 that will be there later
This is a man’s world but it couldn’t be
With all of the shit they makeup

Shoot the portal up in the air got
Man movin' like my names Rick Sanchez
These man out soft some chickens
Comin' like boneless banquet
Some washed up marine debris who put
There trust in wrapped up packet
Put battery’s in the gadget push the start
Button and let man have it
I’m on COD all night or test your might
I wanna get me an orbital Vsat
High knees Allyson Felix he got it strapped
On his leg like a knee pad
I might mash man’s chest like Dias
Cook up no katsu curry need foreign
Kash like I'm a Chinese man
Give my emotional damage
Keep askin' me twenty-one question
You can hold all of this smoke like savage
Roll up a cabbage then we pack it
To fried of to deliver the package
If we ain’t talkin' 'bout money it’s
No Espanyol 'cah moneys my language
I got pesos out of this planet they
Wanna ask me why I’m speakin' Spanish
Amigo please don’t panic stay established got
The vox man stab it
We flipped that packet of mints the way
It comes white they know our tactics
TCZ like I’m makin' graphics automatic
Bow bow the metallic
Bea know that man’s Tovin serotonin
Like I listen to classic
Chat through the Sancro strawberry gateaux 35
Smoke out of the bin
Make me wanna my itch my skin don’t
Do Rambo ain’t hittin' the gym
The car got dashed I ain’t talkin' bout Kim
The back was mad and the front was slim
The back was mad and the front was what
Money money I can’t stress no thot
If I aim and shoot I’m shootin' my shot
Woopsie daisy off the safety movin' shady
Barrel come long like yo yo
Try draw me out with Marco German car
Show turn his head to a polo
Up in OT got genasis and kitty’s
In love with the coco
That’s a no no need mojo run from
The popo ain’t the same like kojo
Make her huncho over Quasimodo turn her
Loco make the back go crazy
Trust me my back rolls crazy
Take the back road and them man move pacey
20-22 I’m doin' this music ting
'til it fuckin' pays me

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