MKAY - Time Flies (Freestyle) lyrics


I couldnt sleep all night but my mum
Comes into my room like morning sun
I say morning back and she’s wondering
Why am I up so early (I don’t know)
See my vision is blury I’m
Still in my jersey I
Looked at the sun and there’s more than one
I cant see straight so but
I’m sober enough to get
Out of my bed and start rolling it up

Bill my spliff the suns in my eyes can’t
Ask for more I got more than enough
My lyca phone is starting to blow I
Said to the boss consider it done
Reverse I’m the earth of the scum
See I’m selling drugs to Numerous plugs
And then I keep repeating the cycle
If you’ve been here from day
One Imma nice you i told you from the start
Streets always been close to my heart
So if I fix up we’re splitting apart
Actually I’ve chosen a path
I wanna do music most of them laughed
Since that day my circles been halfed
It’s funny there jealous of lyrical art
And here is my favourite part

It’s when man that never used
To fuck with you
Come b xx c ack and they wanna restart
I miss those days when I had no worries
Oh boy did the time go fast
Now my bros out there living it large life
In his grasp so he is in charge
But let’s talk about my life
And not about how quickly the time flies
Actually speaking about it
Saw a friend who looks older than last time
And I can’t lie

I’m sorry to say it but time flies
I’m sorry to say it but time flies
Isn’t it funny how time flies

Now I’m done billing my spliff I go out
Of my house and head to the shops
10p sweets and b and h blue but
Bossman did not serve me the box
Oh well yeah my spliff keeps burning
I was still stuck 20 like man deep on
A strip with the ps I’m Ilegally earning
Let people play with heart true say
That those scars still hurt me
Boogz been to the road and back he’s not
Here for clout he’s here for the journey
He’s got my power of attorney no
Mercy to a bitch who’s thirsty
I slept in a T house dirty rise
And shine I’m rising up early
Bad one and her breasts
All perky sweet Hershey’s
Not delivered like Hermes
T1 by my said like surnames like per
Game this the reason I’ll earn fame

But let’s not forget that
Everybody has regrets
And mine was being stuck up on the road
With and old mind chasing my oldest debts
RIPs and to young to go deaths
Whicked and what with your empty threats
To many yutes that take there last breath cuh
They grew on estates just tryna make bread
You would off though this was beef patte
Seeing how quickly this beef can spread
First of your beefing with patty’s next thing
You know that your bredrin is dead
But scrap that I can’t wait
Till my bros got fame
Like omg is that boogz and look over
There it’s the real maj damez
Would be a dream come true
No ps but I gotta a zoot then I’m
Belling the crew telling them come through
See conflict ain’t do no karate let’s
Party with the Kung fu crew

By the end of the day I’m done with the
Bull shit and also done with the lies
Back day no matter what way I tried
I’m still watching with both eyes
Do those pills hide your pain like a
Custome trust me that’s part time disguise
And that’s the reason you get hurt by
Fake people can’t rate those guys
But as we head towards the next
Chapter velocaraptor cruising the sky
And if they say I am a capper
Enough with chatter I’m doing just fine
And they no that my bars are next up
I’m in the que I’m next in line
I don’t need a Rolex to cherish my time it’s
Like it’s got wing the way that it flies
And look this songs been 3
And half minuets long
I told you that time flies

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