Non Phixion, The Beatnuts, Marly Metal, Moonshine (문샤인) - Suicide Bomb lyrics

[Non Phixion, The Beatnuts, Marly Metal, Moonshine 문샤인 - Suicide Bomb lyrics]

Suicide bomb, from Al-Qaeda to the Quran
Represent your clique and our Jihad
Banging from God to Enron
Bin Laden is still CIA
John Walker captured in Kandahar, Afghanistan
With shit stains on his face
I seen the planes hit the World Trade
Then I seen the world change
Ideological earthquake
People exploding on the same streets
With the prophets and priests
Walking on water
Now I be throwing rocks at police

I'm a ride till the sun and the earth collide
You'll be the first to hide
My words hurt and they burn inside
I'm the terror yo, gimme my space
Got the matches and the spray
Can up in your face like AAAAHHHHHH!
Third degree, word to me
Gun under my shirts so you birds can't see
Man swerving, camouflage, kid with the turban
Jihad all-star, nice off the bourbon

If I got to go to war
Then I'm gonna for delf
Get my joint from the top of
The shelf and get prepared
A nigga only got one life but I ain't scared
Praying to the lord of the
Sky to take me there
I see a lot of bullshit
A lot of fucking drama
Chop a nigga's head off
Just let me get Osama
Suicide bomber, I'll go with those
Fucked up clothes
The motherfucking life I chose

Ayo, niggas say I'm crazy cause
I travel by airplanes ever since 9
11, shit fucking changed nothing's the same
The sky is red, my eyes is red
But, I'm still here
First we lost Pun, then we lost Aaliyah
Then the terror came
Made the Twin Towers disappear
Flip to CNN, sit down and analyze it
It's like I look at the city
And I don't recognize it keep your head up
(keep your head up) if you lost a loved one
Big Psyche
From the streets I spit for my thug ones

Now look up at the problems we facing
Starvation, paying for your edu ma-cation
Now I gotta worry about dying on a plane
Things change for the seasons
For too many reasons
A million and one for thieving
Breathing and dying to breath
All the greed they supplying
Yeah I see it, but I see it for real
Niggas that squeal, niggas that won't
Niggas that deal, niggas that fuck

Kids from that other shit
Sitting on twenties, my shit's heavy
Suicide bomb
Go off in the bathroom at Denny's
Drug connects
Above specs I'll flex at the Emmy's
Stop repping your set
Knowing you getting stressed for pennies
Doing a buck twenty
Cracking open a barrel of coke
A billionaire with oil and guns
Checked to provoke i'm on the edge
And these new pills are made by the feds
Another setup, one to your face
Wires taped to your head

From the alcoholics
Drug addicts and heroin fiends
Since the twins came down I
Don't remember my dreams
A terrible means, I'm on the darkness
We pump the hardest
Wars in other lands over who
And what your god is
Regardless of the facts you spit out the tube
Like the only anthrax we ever
Knew was the group
Proof is proof, bitch, I ain't afraid to fly
Streets are war, peace or war
I ain't afraid to die

It's my honor, dog one time, gotta defend it
Whether you're Malcolm or Martin gotta
Do something to win it
Must do something to win it
So the empire strikes back
Pack that chrome because they
Send fire right back back at home
Know where you live and you play at
North, south, east, west
They know where your kids and your lady at
Rephrase that, how you live in the days
When your sins are displayed and
Your spirit flies away, black?

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