Ren - Illest Of Our Time lyrics

Ren Eryn Gill [Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales. U.S.]

[Ren - Illest Of Our Time lyrics]

One two three spitting bullets on the beat
I'm a sick little puppy
Who gets lucky when he speaks
Blessed with a silver tongue
Chest with an iron lung
Extra terrestrial, tentacles, alien
Psychopathic tendencies a pathologic entity
If everything is set in stone
Then this is how it's meant to be
Elementary, dear Watson, you might find
Yourself inside the mind of the
Illest of our time

Let's get it popping, hot rocking
I'm Freddy Krueger, I'm chopping
I turn it up to eleven
The Demigorgon of Oppin
The strangest thing I'm the boss when
The danger lingers, I'm plotting
Sweet like a spoon full of sugar
Because I'm Mary like Poppins
The double barrel is cocking
A shotgun shell to the noggin
I'm coughing catchy bronchitis
You're in your funeral coffin
No stopping, blocking me not when
I pick the world up - I'm squatting
And when I take from the rich
I'm in your hood and I'm Robbin

Four, five, six, spit a crucifix
Six six six flow, crucify a catholic
Maverick, anti hero, villain, not protagonist
Words are kind of muffled when
You're sucking on my massive

Who's the fucking illest, who's the realest
Who's the baddest kid?
Call the police on this beat
Before I damage it
A kiddie called screech on the
Streets I'm a masochist so far from reach
I'm the type to kill a pacifist
Catalyst for chemical combustion
I'm the analyst
Of metaphors and similes and synonyms
An alchemist evangelist - spread the words I
Sick like they're cancerous
Pragmatist - think before I speak
Then I answer it

Pull up, pull up, pull up to the place
When I pull it, bang, a bullet sang
It shot right into space
Music for the hooligans
Let loose on the estate
Call the police and the riot
Vans, the people wanna play, hey!

Freedom now, has lost all meaning, how
Can we all be free in
A hierarchic breeding ground
The poor get poorer while the
Rich get rich in style
I'll be a heretic, kill a king
Take his crown

Top of the throne, top of the kingdom I own
Top of the streets that I roam
Top of the dome
Spitting for Britain I show 'em
Bars like a cellular phone
Hyping like Tyson, an icon, go twice in
Left, right in
I'm striking like I'm biting like a python

Ready? I'm heavy i'm Mercury, I am Freddy
So eat my words, fill your belly
Like alphabet spaghetti i am a rap star
Don't believe me the facts are
I spit fast like I'm Nascar
Don't believe me? Then fuck ya ah shit

I don't feel so well i don't feel so well
I don't feel so well call a medic for myself

I don't feel so hot, my brother
Aching, shaking, stop then stutter
Things gone wrong, hit by King Kong
A Swan-ton bomb like Hardy Brothers

I don't feel so fresh, my bro
Things get blurry speaking slow
Head in Hong Kong wonton soup
Is what I have for brains I know

That I want to spread these tattered wings
Hold them high
Banished from the heavens but I'm
Knocking on the sky
Living with depression is a
Blessing in disguise
Never second guessing, intuition getting wise
Want to sink into the pupil of my eye
Travel to the corner of my cornea and mind
Look for all the answers that
I never seem to find
Till then I guess I'm still
The illest of our time

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About the song Ren - Illest Of Our Time

In a tale of unwavering support and admiration, Ren's fans marvel at the profound impact his song "Illest of Our Time" has had on their lives. Ren, a beacon of hope for those struggling with mental and physical challenges, has touched the hearts of listeners from all walks of life. His distinctive style, reminiscent of Vinnie Paz without the controversy, has earned him the adoration of countless fans.

Ren's musical versatility astounds, as his powerful voice and impeccable flow capture the imagination of listeners. Breaking records with one million views in just 12 days, he is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. The artist's boundless talent resonates with fans young and old, transcending age barriers and uniting people in their love for his music.

As his fame spreads across the globe, Ren's supporters clamor for collaborations with other renowned artists, eagerly anticipating the musical masterpieces that would surely result. His music speaks to the deepest parts of the human soul, transcending boundaries and connecting people from all walks of life. Fans celebrate his well-deserved success, encouraging him to keep creating music that touches the heart.

Amidst the praise, however, there are those who long for Ren to return to his soulful roots, believing that his true potential lies in his ability to tell stories through his guitar. Regardless of the differing opinions, Ren's music continues to inspire and captivate listeners around the world, as they eagerly await the next chapter in his musical journey.
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Author : Abline

As a fan, I have to say that Ren possesses an exceptional talent for creating deep and multi-layered lyrics that make me think and reconsider my views on the world. I am in awe of how he uses musical imagery to create powerful emotional experiences and atmospheres in his tracks. He has a unique charisma on stage, and his energetic live performances are one of the key factors that draw fans' attention. Not only does Ren create incredible music, but he also addresses important social issues, inspiring us to become active participants in societal change. He pays special attention to his fans, interacting with them through social media and even occasionally inviting them to collaborate on projects. In my opinion, this makes him more accessible and closer to his audience.

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Author : NotZZ

From Australia to Denmark, and from the United States to New Zealand, Ren's music has resonated with people like me around the world, solidifying his position as the illest of our time.

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