Shwabadi, Pe$o Pete, 954Mari, Drip$tick, Ciyo - Furious Departure lyrics

[Shwabadi, Pe$o Pete, 954Mari, Drip$tick, Ciyo - Furious Departure lyrics]

Ayyy it's the motherfucking remix
We live in this bitch
Rage quit, angry exit, furious departure

Ayo, I need some space
Cross map, you still ain't outta my range
Pull out a blade, fucking melee
Top 5 homie, lil bitch, you don't place
I got the gang at my back
Plan of attack - we get
To wrecking your place
Jax, I'm armed with the hardware
If you ain't ours then I put
The tech to your face

Homie this a stick up
And you best be down to pay us
How'd you claim to run the game
You ain't even a player
My pen is like a weapon when I draw it
Say a prayer cus when I put it down
It bangs like onomatopoeia

Babababa, man, the chopper know morse code
1 round rearrange blocks like
It's forge mode
Came from the gulag, that shit was awful
Pen from Verdansk, turn a beat to a warzone

That was the easiest fucking
Match in our lives yeah
Get bodied, Free!
Yeah that's right we didn't come
Here to play games bitch
I mean we was playing a game
Well, I mean we did come here to
Play likevideo games but no like alright
Yeah, yeah ayo, Drip
Bro are we playing games
Are not? Just specify, goddamn
Just start my shit

Yuh okay
All of my homies we running this shit
Walk in the spot and his head getting chopped
Man, I’m Giyu Tomioka flooding my wrist
Fuck if you like me
Everyone been on some Hypebeast
Way they been fucking with Drip
We stay in silence like Inumaki
So just keep on talking we
Don’t fuck with no diss
Switching my weapon, when I get to brawling
I might drop a hit if he running his lips
Ain't got no aimbot but I’m
Like Ace with the
Straight shot That mean the kid doesn't miss
Sleeping on gang then I video edit
Can't render my lyrics I'm dumping the clip
Infinite combo when LOOP in the booth
What I’m saying is we
Making nothing but hit's lil bitch

Aw fuck
I don't know if we're playing games are
Not what the fuck is going on?
I mean I'm playing
Likei brought my controllers and everything
Yeah, yeah do I just
Pass me one yo Ciyo, talk you shit man
This boys act like they have
Never ever lost before finally
Get lost never get bounced bruh this one time

Wii was at the Playstation i was on his Xbox
Squeezin' like a stress ball
Donkey Kong Down B beatin' on my chest
Be done beat a nigga chest out
Baby put her cheatcodes in
Got him stressed out
Stretched out, buttons pressed
I'm not the best but this lobby got bodied
They pullin' they bets out
Pull up and pull out the cannon at Park Place
Run it, that nigga in debt now

I'll beat a nigga up up
Down down, left right, left right
Dance Dance Revolution
Learn how to step right
In out, in out, kinda like a flesh (um)
Now you on ya last life
I been on my best life
I been on my Klutz Assault Vested Lopunny
Switcheroo Baton Pass and level 1 Cottonee
With Focus Sash Substitute Protect
And Leech Seed after the Sandaconda Glare
Shout out to tempt6t lil Bitch

Did he forfeit? All this clowns do is run
Away these days disconnected, mad as shit
As losers mari talk to these idiots
They need to realize they
Not the main character, they just
Mainly a character, just the picture
Behind the fucking screen
A fucking loser getting no action

You like a trash anime you
Never had no live action
Super saiyan god I been
Fading for divine status
Fuck her like an audience the way
I’m from the side clapping
Tired of these rappers say they
Sliding but got light traction

Talking online find out where he really at
And I'm sick with the
Sticks like a Dendrophiliac
Grab the tool turn him into Scru
Bet he gon react
And my bands stretched out like
They suffering from lag

I put the stick to your pockets
That way I pool in the profit
Its Grand Theft I ain't trippin’
Like my system is modded
My niggas Ghoulish and do the most
Like we Ghosts N the Goblins
You got carried on yo team you
Not supposed to be talking

I'm a documented menace
They be complimenting mari
Still the man in a jam
Bro my confidence is jarring
Thotties be like peanut butter
Spread when bread is on table
I be talking all my shit
Like a Call of Duty lobby

When Ifuck goddamnit bruh
Laughter looks like I'm gonna have to
Carry the team again it's
Fine I'm used to this Envy P shit anyway
Bro let's go

1 v whatever I'm better
And ranked differently i'm hardbody
U just a talker wit no validity
I start plotting
Team comp testing our own ability
I'm cold blooded steppin onto
Maps with straight villainy hold up
Bitch u not nice enough to be feeling me
Hold plus
Bitch u better off forfeiting willinging
U killin me I'm laughin while
Smackin the whole vicinity
Me myself and I for the ride this my trinity
I'm catchin bodies
Raisin my score look at the board
That's a thousand homis
Rockin wit my choppy bodies prolly droppy
Never fuckin sorry stick sweepin
Like I'm cleanin calmy do not even call me
Money on me and it's always talking
Walk up in yo lobby with my glocky
Pop a couple shottys feel like Imma kami
Imma yonko u like coby
Prolly who the fuck is PE$O
Ask yo bitch she gon know me prolly
One more ollie jump out of my body
Over anybody bitch I'm sorry
I been playin wit u since they play Atari
Calamari i was in her ocean off the katamari
Then I started clappin in her shit
But she the one applauding
All these rappers ridin on my shit
And I ain't even pausing

Stupid, I'm not pausing that no
I'm not gonna
Pause that, that's not gonna happen, nope

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