The Beatnuts, Biz Markie, Tyler Fernandez - You’re A Clown lyrics

MM dROP! Yes indeed
It's the Biz Markie with the Beatnuts
And I'm gonna count along with
This girl like this
One, two we'll come for you
Three, four you better lock your door
Five, six beatnuts in the mix
Seven, eight now let's get it straight
Nine, ten for everybody that slept
YOU better watch your step
YOU better watch your step

Now pull it out your pocket
Pull it out your pocket
Biz Mark Beatnuts we about to rock it
Now pull it out your pocket
Pull it out your pocket
Psycho Les baby, I'm about to drop it
I'm just a villain
Chillin in my gangster stand
I cop all my threes from Amsterdam
I make them Black Eyed Peas
Kids say 'That's the jam'
Beatnuts baby back by popular demand
Drop another jam sock you and your man
If you don't know by now, BLAM
Y'all small soldiers wanna blast back
Like a wedgie I'm gonna get
Up in that asscrack feet first
Whip a concert with no rehearse
You wanna spit you gotta talk to me first
The ringleader blow your cover
You think we cool cuz I know your mother?

Yo, elegant flow
Stomp you like an elephant tho
You only got a little money
And you spendin it slow
Anything you gotta say is like irrelevant yo
I need money like I gotta
Let the President go
From a hostage situation that's
Surrounded by smoke
In a trailer in the middle of hell
Nobody know it's the junkyard hannibal lec
Snatch the first grabbable tec
And look for any catchable wreck
Back in effect
Slap you in the back of the neck
I've been holdin this down for a while
Show me respect
Rainin the tec and all of that
Breakin your neck
It's off the hook this year
Two niggas called me collect

Who's this? Who's this?
This is a collect call from a clown

You're a clown!

I saw you at a party uptown
Nobody even know you
You just standing around

You're a clown!

Don't even try to step outta bounds
Cuz if you drink and start a
Fight nobody holdin you down

You're a clown!

Lookin through the records I found
It takes more than that for
You to duplicate this sound

You're a clown!

My heat'll lift your feet off the ground
Live niggas throw the bacon
And move it around

I follow recipe over on sesame
This time the kid psycho Les'll be
On top of the industry
This one's for my niggas in the street
I'm lookin at the situation so
I gotta flip a beat
Make your heart skip a beat
So we can all eat went from a project kid
With a calculator watch
To a rollie, to cashin them royalties
You must be a fool playin
With this hungry dog's food
Snap at you with a rude attitude
My troops landin parachutes I hit
You with phatter loops
And y'all clowns better show us gratitude
Werd up

Me & les rock the house mC's rock the house
The Beatnuts rock the house
The rain with the tec rock the house
It's the Biz Markie as you can see
I got more rhymes than Muhammed Ali
I'm one in a million just like Aaliyah
You look at me and say Mama Mia!
I sing funky records most definitely
Ain't no other MC that can mess with me
I know my man Les you remember music factory
With rhymin big Sam rest in peace you see
I rock the mic and you will know
That I rock the mic and go ohohohohohhoh
Sing a funky record MCs'll say
Ain't no other MC like B I Z M uza A
From New York york L I I
New Jersey z I am fly
Straight out the DC and Maryland
Gotta give a shout out to
Virginia with the skins
Singin funky records most definitely
I like to go OOOOOOOOH Peace

Beatnuts beatnuts
Beatnuts beatnuts
Beatnuts beatnuts

Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts
Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts
Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts
Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts
Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts
Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts
Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts
Go Biz Mark go Beatnuts

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