VideoGameRapBattles, Chi-Chi, Zach B, Twisted Savvy, Mat4yo, HalaCG, Sailorurlove, Shwabadi, Cam Steady, Shofu, McGwire - Pokemon Trainer Cypher lyrics

HalaCG [UK,London]


[VideoGameRapBattles, Chi-Chi, Zach B, Twisted Savvy, Mat4yo, HalaCG, Sailorurlove, Shwabadi, Cam Steady, Shofu, McGwire - Pokemon Trainer Cypher lyrics]

Hoes mad, can't leave this scene
No sand attack, but this game will miss me
Won't catch me switching like
Y'all constrict me
I bite like Arcanine, so y'all flinching
Know that y'all are normal
So you can't resist me
When I'm flowing on the metronome
You can't predict me
I be busted like I'm psychic
And she wanna lick me
Nah, I can't defog but I'm into Misty (Ooo)
Ok, let's go, Gen 1
My thrones ice cold like an Articuno, fly
My foes die slow
Got the venom like a Nidorino
Everybody wants free rides
Y'all Bag Bak my ass
I'm not Lapras, you all thrash my back
'Cause I carried tracks back
When Wrap was spammed
You wanna talk top champ? Meet
Me at the top man (Uh)

Yeah, told Elm that I was willing to help
Suggested I pick a starter that
I should keep to myself
Ready? I'm no beginner
We'll never run out of health
Level up by the second 'cause
So much damage is dealt no doubt
I'll be the greatest trainer ever created
I could never be stopped
I'll show them humiliation
'Cause I do it a lot
My party's always amazing
I'm not the one who they anticipated (Woo)
Dropping every bar like Gold
It was so cold at the peak
I can barely even feel my toes
Weak, everyone that I see is toast
A defeat and that would never
Even be that close
Then I'll clean up the matches
Show them who's laughing
Maxed out my speed to get the first action
I beat two regions, that was just practice
They only got half of my 16 badges

Eyo, let's go! Hoenn's gonna show you!
How we bring the balance to the world
'Cause you know, we can take it to the skies
Changing up the flow before your eyes
Groundon, we don't go slower (Oh)
'Cause there's nothing to Cryogre (Uh oh)
Don't you Mudskip this Torchic
'cause when tree-go
We only going higher! (Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh)
Babe, you know we made the rules and
We be rocking with the jewels
We're 3 for 3 with legendaries
Ain't got time for fools
You better show that respect (Oh)
Going harder than Archie's pecs (Uh oh)
Be water or fire we're the ones who inspire!
Keep talkin' trash, it's clear to see
You got nothin' on May

It's the Dawn of the new age
Steppin' into Gen 4
Battlin' all day in our home, call it Sinnoh
Piplup, how I meant to be the best
And I switch up, Ambi-Palmin' at your chest
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
How I'm shining with the drip
Freddy Darkrai, always on my nightmare shit
Giratina 808s when I smash distortion
Dialga with the time I'mma erase it
Barry ya bodies 'cause we need Les Paul
TwinLeafs beside me, two shots, fuck 'em all
With the lustrous shine, got the space in awe
Spear pillar lookin' down, no way I'll fall
Now that's a Bidoof, Togekiss is my coup
And I'm flying around with the sun as my roof
Game Shark all the rules
Thanos vibes with the tools
Sixteen Plates from a God
Arceus and you'll lose (Ay)

Ayo, pass the mic to this scrafty guy
Bringing the action
Scratching your static sprites
I am the mastermind behind Black and White
Here to school you trainers who
Can't rap and write
It's like I spit trouble, you spit Trubbish
When you hear that Klinklang, better Ducklett
I'm a hero to the people who need me
You're a zero, peace out like Victini
Meet me in the city and I'll
Take you on a detour
Eating up the subway like it
Was a team sport!
Nothin' but net like Durant in these streets
You're never gonna need to wonder
Who spit's Heat more
Now the king has returned to his castle
Blood on my hands, not talking 'bout Plasma
Gen 5 baby, good luck catching them all
We leave 'em out like the laundry- high, dry

Why try, hun? Tag in, white's on
Light space, python, innate fight's
Strong ain't gonna hide, son
Five stars, I Gurdurr with 'em heavy bars
Travel far, with the goal, working hard
I'mma be a champion
Play it right and make it rain!
Then there's you
Sayin' you're trainers but need
To multi train (Yuh)
Gotta bring an A-game if you
Wanna step to Mei (Yuh)
And I'll meme ya when I hit
Ya with the thinkin' face (Uh, Woo)
Challenging the best and setting trends
Hilda's resemblance beat out other teams
Mean if I gotta be Unfezant
Recorder, exporter
Got that stuff set on the web and testing
The best in the area to strengthen
Catchin' out cheats like a
Gal's playing Amoonguss (He he)
It's Gen V, get an evolved exclusive
Ain't gonna fail, take a seat or move over
Got 'em on ropes and I'll win for Unova!

Serena out of all your rivals
Gotta know that I'm the best (The best)
Always pushin' you to succeed
I'm the true test
Don't worry 'cause I've got your back (Yup)
Team Flare better be prepared
We're on the attack (Watch out)
On the road to victory
All the legends will be ours
We're making history got my Absol ready
Yeah we're bringing the doom
I'm real competitive, this shines through
When I get out my Meowstic, they ain't slick
No, we hit like a brick
Let 'em talk their shit
In the end, they'll fall to my Altaria
So hard I'll leave a scar
I'll set the bar, near and far
Gonna be a star!

Aloha to the Alola
Not the type to flip a boy like a Proton
Ain't finna dip, I'mma scan you like a Rotom
Victory shit for a boy down the road (Ah ah)
Like, "Oh my God" z-Move, finna hit my shot
No shoes, gonna walk my walk
Executor way whip my- woah
Ice on me like a Sandslash (Ah)
Pop a bitch wit' a skull bash (Ah)
No sash and you won't last (Ah)
Hit yo' girl wit' a Rock Smash (Ah)
All new shit, no mimic
You go ghost on a boy, I end it (Uh)
Any real way you spin it
Boy getting Lei-Ed by the time we finished

You alright, mate? I see you're in my nation
You can see a black cab in
The talons of a raven (Ok)
All my dogs keep a weapon, Zacian (Woo)
Not the kinda place you
Wanna visit on vacation (yeah)
Keep a stick on me, Mr rime (Grrrl)
Eldegoss, when a big round hit's your mind
(Yuh-yuh) might Twoc your watch
I'm on that Nickit time (M-m-m)
The Glock's hammer's locked
I keep it stowed on side (Grrrrl yah)
For the ice, hit your block up, Eiscue (Woo)
Leave your party cold, boxed up, ice cube
If you got the rock, Corsola - you go ghost
Got you pale as the cliffs on that old coast
(Grrrl yuh)
Out on the town, getting wasted (Yuh)
Downing round, after round
After round like a Falinks (Ok)
Taking anything I want like a Bailiff
I'm the Victor, remember the name, bitch

Ash in it and you already know
We be running up the show
It's like I'm 40 years old (Old)
I be winning all my battles, I'm like 40-0
Ya team get a Rocket
This is how it normally go now peep this
I'm the champion and ain't nobody slayin' him
Mint condition, playa
Ain't nobody tradin' him (Nah)
GBA with Fire Red, I'm spittin' flame again
Overheat, turning everybody to my name again
Jessie, James, we don't play by the book
I might turn to Giovanni
How you Pokes gettin' took
Got me feelin' like I'm Brock the
Way your team gettin' cooked
I'm like a Super Rod
I spit and now they all gettin' hooked
I tell 'em once, "The name is Ash"
Ain't no bullying him
Got 'em feelin' Wishiwashi
Had school 'em again
I ain't talking TCG, got the toolie with him
And we gon' wet you like Cerulean Gym (Ay)

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