Audio Push, King Chip, RiFF RAFF - FWD Back lyrics

[Audio Push, King Chip, RiFF RAFF - FWD Back lyrics]

I remember bussin’ missions back when
I was just a shawty (go)
Ran away from, home
Was beggin’ Mumbles to record me (go)
Kept it G in all my raps
So real niggas support me
Didn't hoop, and wasn’t on the field
But bitch I kept it sporty
Niggas wasn’t drinkin’ 40s
Just 4 locos and we guzzle wine
I used to rock the table with the double line
Try to double my dollars
Quarters and I need another dime
Nickels, pennies, quick fast, double time
I don't play with mine
Turn it, no cash is the only way to grind
(Gimme some, gimme some)
Nigga, we the California state of mind
(Gimme some, gimme some)
Stay to your business and I’m a stay to mine
(Gimme some, gimme some)
Cuz that’s the way that I was raised
Forward, back, and pick a way
State to state
Got em knocked and to the base they leanin’
(Whip it, whip it, whip it) I’m swervin’
(Whip it, whip it, whip it) I got it goin’
(Whip it, whip it, whip it) I say, I say

It used to be a dream to make yo mane bop
Now they want the no1
They see I came starvin’
I ain’t got no time, girl
I’m trying to get to the top
‘Cause at the top they got a lot of guap
And with the guap, you can
Beat the cops, boy, i’m hot
I keep it real with my broadies
Broadies stay real with me
I keep it 150 with women and
That’s why they feelin’ me
Beemer butter on the seats, trade that
You might get the Jeep
I’m tellin’ y’all aflex
Don’t too much get real as me
See, I pop out double kick flip
And that’s just for kicks
Go to my trunk and I switch kicks
Now that’s for yo chick
I had the? get that prescription
And that’s for the zip
Then grab the citrus so I can spritz
It and that’s for the whip
You know I smell like dank when
I walk into the bank
Deposit withdraw some and use yo check
To fill up my tank
My girl don’t want a club nigga
She want a BO dub nigga
The crowd goes wild, cuz well
The crowd is in love with em please, move

(Whip it, whip it, whip it) Real
(Whip it, whip it, whip it) Goddamn
(Whip it, whip it, whip it) Real
(Whip it, whip it, whip it) Yuh

Mainstream baller, shot call chemist
Single bullet viper with the werewolf finish
You ever seen a girl get naked at the dentist
She could barely holler
Flourescent shot caller
Coulda been a scholar
But, I chose to chase dollas
Young Jose, rap no gray
Thunderstorm Benz, can’t decide where to stay
Can’t decide where to live
Homeless ass hustler
25 mill, flippin’ candy honey mustard
Oh, now we jack tellin’?! Used to be a felon
But, I never got caught so
I'm Versace yacht selling
Drop-top roller, syrup in my soda
Mr jodi High roller

Look here, you namsayin
Check this out, ya dig
Shit, damn, yknowwImsayn
Goddamn, it’s all about that movin’ forward
Ye dig, now check it out
You got a lotta back on you
But, I’m tryna check it out
And get you the front, yknowwImsayn
So you don’t have to work shit, yknowwImsayn
Yo fame is lookin’ real nice too
Look, ma, I’m gettin’ tired of playn nah
I tend to do that
Becuz you got that wide back
Now lemme get back on point
It’s all about goin’ forward and lettin’
Em know how it was
Back where you came yknowwImsayn in yo case
Yo behind is always fine so
Yo back is neva slackin’ yknowwImsayn baby?
Well shit, well damn, well hell, baby
You got a couple em wicha
Doin’ shit now, ok, I got ya

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