Gift of Gab, Mr. Lif - Lay It Down lyrics

[Gift of Gab, Mr. Lif - Lay It Down lyrics]

Graduated mind contaminated animated no e-
Graduated mind contaminated animated no e-
Graduated mind contam- graduated mind c-
Graduated Graduated Graduated

Graduated mind contaminated animated
No exaggerating glad you made it
Have to lay it down
Mad as day I'm travelin' unravel too
I'll baffle you and rappers have to
Do what rappers have to do
So we slam and made a hammer's patients
Land in the middle of the canvas
Faded aggravated weak defeated
Rappers praying after they have passed away
Pass the J dumped it in the ashtray
I cannot wait I have to
Make ya clap and shake ya ass round
Cacklin' I'm navigating
Bastard haters after me
I'm back to play ya ass like Sega
Smack and take ya back to base
It's mastery this ain't a masquerade
I came to captivate and calculate it
Leave ya fascinated when I activate it
Packing major raps on niggas actually I mack
And play ya lacking nigga tackle daily
Write it like Machiavelli

I come in like Phillip Drummond
Son in when I'm summoned
You better stand still and start runnin'
It doesn't make a difference for instance
Thirty track stars that are turning
To a cheese blitz (A) chievements
Many emcees that think they're very nice
Operation supper splice pawn 'em then
Bone 'em twice, three times
For fucking with these rhymes
And drag ya over turf 'til your knees shine
While I'm drinkin' moonshine at noon time
Breakfast of champions
Bread, egg, and clavicle bones
Shit tastes magical hoe
Thank you for your donation
You're helping me avoid starvation
Here's a solid gold urn
For your participation forty karats
A army barracks and green berets
With bayonets you're an amateur
And they are vets
Plus a general has got to rest
And while he's cursin' at you
His bullets verse a statue
You're a chip off the old block
To we no longer speak of
Walk and nod your head
'til your face fall off and speakers pop
It's the L the I the F, with no T
Lif motherfucker go cop my CD

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