GORESET, ​rouri404, Vaeo, polar333, asteria, ​k0a, wheaty++, mssnger - ​midnight lyrics

(Calm down, I'll just call Robert)

Fuckin' scared of everything you've
Been sayin' to me
Gettin' over this
I cannot even look at your face
Drunk or sober, never happy either way
Love is evil what they say
You were the needle in the hay
Words still hitting hard
Please don't speak about me
Heard you mentionin' my name, thought
You were the one
Know it's a shame

Heard your new name, yeah
I think it fit's you better
Think I got some new stains on my sweater
New pains, looking out the window
I sent you across, wonder how far you'll go
To bring me down, to fit your standards

You make me cry, you don't mind your manners
Soldered wounds never gonna heal up faster
Once again I'm just another bastard

Slide out a two door, falling too far
Just wanted a friend
You thought we'd play more
We been out here chasin' sunrise
Me, we meet at midnight
I've gone so long
It's hard to break out of this life
I fell so long just
For wanting acceptance enough

Wanting acceptance enough
Lately I been stuck in a rut
I swear to God
It's all the time where we
Always keep picking this up
All after dropping it down
We watch it fall to the ground
I'd watch on what you're
Saying, listen in, no
Don't make a sound
Yeah, we fucked it up
I swear I wanna fuck shit up
I'm sick of being told "I
Can't, I'm trash, I'm shit"
Just shut the fuck up
Swear I just wanna blow up
Already on the come up
I think it's time we speed
Up, GORESET on time
They need us
G-G-God damn, I'ma make my mark, man
Thinking you can talk shit on the set
You not a smart man
I been-I been crashing cars, man, sniper
I'm a marksman
Push it 'til it's far in, it's my movie
I'm starring
Knife through your chest, I'm carving, yeah
I been starving
Been tryna get back to you every day
Back where it started
GORESET, that shit I'm part in
In that shit with my life
Bitch, show's over, what you watchin'
Play this shit one more time

I hear them talkin', creepin', crawlin'
Strollin' through the night
Did you ever love me? Was
That shit out of spite?
If I see you out the GC
Know that shit is on sight
It's GORESET for life

Empty hallways
Walkin' through the land of broken dreams
Ain't afraid of the dark
But why does it always seem
The danger isn't far
Met the devil in my sleep
She coming from the shadows
Pull the curtains over me
It's just me and my Beretta
I'm burnin' the love letters
Say a prayer hoping I won't
End up forever alone
You the one that lit the fire, I love her
I'm not a fighter
If she heaven-sent
I'ma be the one to send her home
I feel like myself walkin'
Through the catacombs
I told you a hundred times
Fuckin' leave me alone
She be runnin' through my skull and
Bouncing off of the walls
Cold breath down my neck
Steppin' over broken bones

I was falling for you but now I feel nothin'
I was runnin' from the
Demons I was trustin'
Cocaine, dripped out, I hear somethin'
Said you trust me but I
Knew that you was bluffin'

Downtown, smokin' rocks like a Geodude
Think I'm too high, don't know what to do
At the party but I'm wishin'
I was at the stu
Garchomp on that booty, yeah
That's what I do


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