The Beatnuts - Supa Supreme lyrics

[The Beatnuts - Supa Supreme lyrics]

Meanwhile in the control room at
The back of the theater

Those plants won, I knew they would!
Your plan is working master of course!

Who is it? Special delievery
Who? Who is it? It's a special delivery
Who is it uPS open up

I just got this product
Transported for essay, Gea
Connect to say who?
Kid coming at your speakers
Is the same kid that be like
Coming in chicas
Keep shakin' that ass like a horny Egyptian
As we proceed to rip shit
Baby, I be S T-O-N-E Crazy
Red Mercury blow your spot up
I keep one eye on snakes the other on jakes
3rd eye on my money with no
Time to take a break
They only break I make is when I gab
The breed and jump in the get-away
But for now is the only way
Pop my CD in your Sony play, twist a fatty
Kick back and enjoy what I got to say
Cause this type of shit you don't hear

Big Ju, rough and raunchy, never nonchalantly
And huant me to live in this
World that don't want me
A foul nigga maybe the
Foulest you'll encounter
Murder for the smallest amount
Money to count
Cuban cable givin' cash around the table
My record label watchin' the
Sons steady and stable
Bit my shit, but you wack and wasn't able
Silence, we bringin' the violence
From the cradle
Fatal when I see a bitch nigga and face
You like a foreigner frontin' in a
Dangerous place
You in Corona, Stone City and Babalona
Dominicians got a tight grip Isatona

Catch me in Corona, on a corner
Hotter than Daytona sippin' Arizona
Power moves on a celly phona
Touch tone flip, 9-11, the click
We connect like internet
Cash checks, blast techs, that burn
Holes to lest bet, faggots
Get they ass ripped, that quick
Trying to play me like a camel
Fuckin' with my moola
Telling me to change my formula
Alcohol and lye be the perfect combination
My organization move the nation
Like automation, with no hesitation
No doubt son it's off the books It's off
The books this year baby

Beatnuts, Supa Supreme team from Queens
Grand Imperial and misters
Say "whoyounawmean?"

3 C-F Mafia corona Killers
Gray Cisco profile Baby

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