The Beatnuts - Ya Betta Believe It lyrics

Ya better believe it
Scratches: That's all I know

It's the nuts once again
Tell a friend we blaze in the top ten
Have you forgotten competition is none
Silly fat the best is yet to come
Here's a buck get a blunt
For the purple haze it's a new day and
I'm feeling like Hercules
It feels good to look outside
And see the Big Apple
Where you can get robbed
Get laid or get tattooed
Like SWEET, DUDE - it's a dirty environment
Where the streets'll be the cause
Of your early retirement
I remember when - I used to strip cars
Now I hit the studio and spit
Bars over the gui tars
To put food on the table, and no more
Gettin screwed on a label - bitch!
The ride's over, slide over
We the illest ever remember, Psych told ya

Big Psych rock on rock, rock, rock oт
Beatnuts rock on rock, rock, rock on
Juju rock on rock, rock, rock on
Beatnuts rock on rock, rock, rock on

Is that ugly mother f'ing
With the potent flow
With the funk that you need in your life
Have a drink kick back stop beating your wife
Get open girls do your dance
If you want to get close
Mami here's your chance
But I'm a let you know in advance
That before you touch Jimmy
Baby wash your hands
How sex but you know the code
Never hit a two times honey hit the road
Ju got love for y'all
But I'm a busy man so
I might forget the call
More hit's, more money, more clothes
More records, more hungry, more anything goes
Even through the stormy weather
I'm a real nigga baby I'm a shine forever

Juju rock on rock, rock, rock on
Beatnuts rock on rock, rock, rock on
Big Pscyh rock on rock, rock, rock on
Beatnuts rock on rock, rock, rock on

I might have known you would somehow
Be responsible for this travestyrenegade!
What the fuck she just calls me? Renegade
Aww this bitch is buggin'

New York lA
Chi Town, New Orleans atlanta
Miami, Colorado frisco
Japan, London germany
Texas detroit
Philly boston
Providence san Diego, San Jose
Boriqua, PR colombianos
Dominicanos everybody
Everybody, everybody come on Beatnuts

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