Horrid1, CGM, Dodgy, Sav’O (CGM) - Jail To Road lyrics

[Horrid1, CGM, Dodgy, Sav’O CGM - Jail To Road lyrics]

Gang, gang
Free all the guys dem
(Ha ha ha)
Free the members dem, listen

It's, it's more than a trizzack
They know it's not safe
 don't step in this zone
Two got fed and bled in one night
That's karma for the talk on phone
(Ching, ching)
Still keeping up with mischief
But it's okay 'cause the trap brings funds
Bro just slapped out two
No Birmingham yout, but he missed that punk

My zone too mad, get stabbed or worse
Get kweng in your face
Karma's real so I keep it close
Big man ting, I don't play no games (Nope)
Took a loss or both
That's a double L and a bando stressing
I was slim till I hit that gym
Done twenty-one months in that jail
I was benching

The last time that I jumped in
The van with the gang
I tried get me a Persie
It's TT flake getting whipped
And I got chocolate chip, no Hershey (Gang)
Tell bro that zoot tastes chippy
But I heard Hunch had him doing twirlies
Bro just dodged him a bird like eagle
But he's doing time on curly
(Free the guys)
The whole gang's moving backwards (What?)
YD got grabbed, he was rolling with the nine
(Free him)
Now he gotta bang that TEC with vass
Not black wood
Fly that flag 'round there, we arrival
On God, man, you soon get captured (On God)

Look, I told bro "Don't
Care if it's bait"
"Just give me the word and
I'll stop this car"
Front left door, bust open
Not a word spoken
I ain’t tryna let him get far, nah
Don't get yourself in a Twix
Get burst if bro bro grab the star
This flake is kind of a winner
I guarantee this cat moonwalk on Mars, look
Jailhouse, livin' on Smarties
Chattin' to Barbies, need me a Cardi
Told Keisha "Send more teasers"
And the herd's about, yo
My man sent one sav upfront, no FIFA
(Drop him)
Don't feel mans aura like Rita
Inject and twist not slice like pizza (Ching)

I just stepped out of the circle van and
The govs wanna take my creps to scam
(In warning)
That's calm, everything's going plank
I step with my pack and my Zanco bang (Haha)
The canteen's good, that's casha
I make man transfer bands to bank
(Ayy, pattern that)
I don't take no chat
You can ask on the wing if I crash for gang
Yo, BTEC check, are you kidding?
I tell man "Shut up
Don't ask man questions"
(Not one)
Come we lock down, just frying
Fried with a fry up at Sunday breakfast
(Come on)
The police try ask man questions
Said it was me or bro that cheffed him
(Who done it?)
Couldn't say it was me but
I was tempted, no evidence
Got released on pending
(I did that)

Fling, fling two shells in that
Shotgun, lock it, pop it
Watch them run
Strictly chest shots, neck shots
I ain't tryna cheff your leg or bum
Don't care if I'm cool with that yout
I'll burn that bridge for Hunch and Skum
(Burn that)
If I force this rambo in him
The tip might poke out your back in blood
Drive that wheel with skill, hop
Out with a steel
Then feel that rambo's feeling
Wanted death but I didn't achieve it
Now I've gotta settle for less
That's grievous
Five man up in a dock, evidence was peak
Was told I can't beat this
(Beat this)
Now I'm on the wing
Just cleaning, landing sweeping
Free all the G's dem

Yo, I was in the can for attempted
(Free the guys)
Just rolled my zoot for Eastenders
And lick that one with a spark from electric
That's kettles with the wires touching
Don't touch it 'cause that
Shock gets hectic
I just slept free flow with my bredrins
Now man's both, adjudication pending
Legal advice till the judge forgets it

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