Horrid1, (CGM) TY, Dodgy, Splasha, Rack5, Striker - 1011 Days lyrics

Yo, free the fucking members
CGM shit, 1011 shit
Bow, bow, grrah, bow
Niggas know the fucking ting, Big M
Beam me up, Scotty
Free all my niggas, man
Gabbana, boom
Listen, yo
Strictly badness
Listen, yo (P-Block)

Why the fuck do the HRB yutes
Talk like they're murder squad?
They ain't murdered dons
We've murdered dons
Twist my shank in his chest, ching
I hurt that don
(Ching, ching)
We're the ones who turn up the beef
Been dealin' with guts, Horrid1, I'm a vet
(I'm a savage)
We bored up the whole of
West and North West too
Who the fuck should we bore up next? (Who?)
I just ordered the biggest package
As soon as it lands, I'mma grab it (Cali)
I fucked a hundred hoes on this mattress
I need to dash it (Dash that)
I'm so active, grab it and slap it
Get up close with a ting and tap it
(Bow, bow)
I'm a savage
Don't give me no chat
'Cah I'll turn up rapid and rip up fabric
(Rip that)

Same way that I bored up Peanut (Puss')
Same way, could've bored up Sutty (Puss')
Nearly bored up Mouth in his car seat
Lucky he's quick, would've left that bloody
Third Avenue where I jumped out Chippy
He kept it skippy, guess he weren't on it
It was me tryna lick down Melo
I got his bredrin all over my bonnet
They talk about when I got bored
Stepped out same week, and we got down L1
(That's facts)
That nigga said he weren't involved
Fuck it, ching, the nigga still held one
30 man backing out flickys and rambos
I got cheffed once
And them man there boasting
Dot-Dot got his head bussed open
Opps in Golborne, now we're rolling
(We're rolling)
There's numerous opps in the ends
(What the fuck?)
Why you think Tia's yard got blammed up?
Mashed up Mouse on the landing
Now, I'm on basic riding bang-up (Bang-up)
It was gruesome when bro got him
Jsav made sure the boy can't stand up (No)
Pissed that my lidge car flagged up
Why? 'Cause the last opp boy got stabbed up
Us man stick to the G-Code
Bro got J1, the pussyhole ratted (Snitch)
AD got splashed in the party
'Course Jsav and ZK brang it (Of course)
DoubleTap banged that mash broad day
Had Skinz and Smiley hopping in gardens
(Bow, bow)
CJ a Thameside Spartan, Spartan
It's peak when he got down Marvin (Fredo)
Q2T talking crud on tracks
It don't make no sense (No)
Huncho put that ramz to his neck
DoubleTap gun-bucked man in his head (Mm)
You know what I've done for the bread
Fork in the 'Rex, tryna make that stretch
Main HR, Ratlin got cheffed (Cheff)
Get man down on the mains, who's next?

I see the 'chete make Quikkz
Kneel down to his knees
Would've thought that the Queen
Was you knightin'
(Some bitch)
The handle on my flick-knife's tightened
And had man's hospital bed life-fightin'
(Ching, ching)
I didn't ask Kiki shes ridin'
I know Jsav, cah of course he's slidin'
(He's there)
T.Y on the clutch, he's drivin'
And still hops out and do
That drill in silence
(Bow, bow)
ZK made the opps scream high pitch
Pull them strings on the bridge, no violin
(They know)
No Highbridge
Your guy's on the A tryna boogie
While the opps still internet typing
(Some snitches)
The Trident had me locked with the lifers
And sitting in the dock for a year
I put a knife in
I ain't blowing in rap but I'm trying
So all the little yutes say
'no' to the violence
(Say no)

Cheff niggas instant
Same way I chef in the kitchen (Stabber)
15 inches left Mugz twitching
Hella ketchup dripping (Savage)
Guns I'm ripping if my
Opposition's fucking slipping
(Brap, brap)
.44 on the bike, lurking to leave man missing
My knifework's vicious (Crazy)
P-Block, I'm cripping (P-Block)
Yola with the ammonia (Whip)
I'm steady whipping (Whippin')
Two skengs on the bike (Woi)
Pure bine, then the tires' skidding
(Woi, woi, woi)
If I get up close with the mash
Then I'll kill him (Kill him)

I can't talk on this shit in depth
Outcome, the result is death
Rose took out his guts and left
Go hard in the streets
'cah the beef's intense
The opps stay dodging death
'Til his eyes roll back
The scene can't get left
I still got smoking scents
Up the Glock 9, let corn dispense (Brap)
My bitch told me I'm sick in the head
'Fore I ever got head
It was jugg and finesse
I see a man get wet
And start holding his neck
A1 got wet, Adotz got wet
YR got wet, YC got wet
OL got wet and he's dead
(Wet, wet, wet, wet)
So much man on my cheff, who's next?
Still back my chat like Huncho said (Bluuwuu)

Mugz got left with a hunch when he
Got a horrid one in his back
He ain't come back (All now)
All of my team do drillings, straight killing
And filling up straps
Take your bro off the map
(Trust me)
Opps talk, but they ain't on shit
Fuck Teewizz, fuck the 156
Fuck the 12, fuck the 9
Fuck the whole of the Golborne strip
They've all been dipped
My team way too savage
The opps can't manage
They know we're a hazard (They know)
Get the drop on an opp, no panic
Load up the 'matic, smoke him rapid
(Boom boom)
In the booth straight truth
That I'm spitting
Two cases but we made four victims (Uh)
Frankie got caught, he was slipping
Walked off giggling after Striker dipped him
(We got him down)

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