Chonny Jash - Backlit by moonlight. lyrics

[Chonny Jash - Backlit by moonlight. lyrics]

You ask me to dance
But you're a couple drinks too early
You shoot me a glance
But I can't tell whether you're flirting
I remember what you wore
What you drank and how it tastes
But I can't remember why on earth I
Let those chances go to waste

Listen to the usual music
Sittin' with the usual crowd
They're both a little bit too annoying
And a little bit too loud
But all of the monotony
That keeps me nauseated holy shit
If I can see your smile one more
Time then I can take it

Backlit by the moonlight
With a goldеn aura from a distant streetlight
I could stare at you 'til sunrise
Hoping that you'd nevеr look
Back up and realize

Just how many times can I
Pretend that it's not hurting?
The pain I feel is something real
A constant state of yearning
They say that hindsight's 20
20 and that human connection's rudimentary
But my vision's gotten blurry from
The 11th Vodka Raspberry

Listen to the usual bullshit
Comin' from the usual boys
They're getting on my nerves now as
They slowly fade to white noise
And though all this cacophany and
Screeching makes my ears ring holy shit
It's worth it if for one moment
I can hold this feeling

It's sad how nice the past
Is, tainted by these vile
Rose-tinted glasses
And yet each year that passes
Makes me wonder just what
Lay within those chances

I know it's far too late to live in what-ifs
And that there's no more
Hidden problems to fix
But I still can't help but
Think of that time
With a creeping resignation, and sigh

Tell me I was dreaming
And that there never was a sign
Help me stop this screaming
Saying that we could have intertwined

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