Chonny Jash - Mucka Blucka lyrics

[Chonny Jash - Mucka Blucka lyrics]

Nah, I'm just fuckin' with ya

Whattup, motherfuckers!
Ya ever seen anyone lose their mind on-mic?
Well come on in grab a seat grab a cuppa
And watch the chook bat his third strike

Come one, come all to the extravaganza
The cacophonous callousness the
Coop of stanza there's so much here to see
So have a gander
And meet your poultric pullet commander

The coward in question? By now
You know him so well
But then, who am I to go and cluck and tell?
Instead, I'll instil this tetherous will
To trot and toil inside my personal hell

Sisyphus: his rock the timepiecе: it's tock
And Winston trudges through
Minitrue's minutiae
And likе an archaic cuckoo clock
I'll chirp, and chant, and cock
In complete disregard for my future

So enjoy the show
Especially those in the splash zone
Place your bets let's see how
Fierce the auction gets

Can you tell me what on
Earth I'm supposed to do
When you tell me one and
One cannot equal two?
If Mr Sun can't shine, nor can Mr Moon
And yet each day that passes has
This tension boil and stew

So forgive the effrontery
But I must beg you to humble me
And throw this Pavlov dog another bone
It's a fair hike, you see
That peak we call prosperity
And this bard is in dire need of a loan

Naught I'm but a man and sad although I am
I'm really trying my hardest to move forward
So when we come back here again
And the start becomes an end
Consider this lamentation a foreword

Singing songs you like to hear
'til the dissonance reappears
There's probably subtext
Are you picking it up?
It's a metaphor for ha
Who gives a fuck i'm in a cage

Subvert the expected to avert stagnation
But if you rely on that diversion
Subversion is expectation
And the whole damn point
Of this experimentation
Was to avoid that homogenization

So please
Tell me what the hell I'm supposed to be
When the total sum of me really equals three
Amalgamate, hate
Berate 'til we all roam free?
When in reality we know we'll be
Condemned to rinse and repeat

There's a me stuck underground
A me left on the shelf
A me that gets paraded: the me
That's shown to everyone else and sure
I lament the lack of a hen to
Share with in sick or in health
But how am I supposed to love
Another when I barely know myself?

I'm the enlightened! I am the free!
We're the despited we are the freak
A soliloquy this be
Before the scene you came to see
The peak before the lethargy

Escalate, escalate don't fall
Don't hesitate
Don't let the other half take control
And when push comes to shove
In this dual, dead, dueling love
We'll see if you can truly be whole
And who will pay the toll?
The Heart, the Mind or the Soul?

Oh, baby, you you know what I need
I think it's obvious: a captive audience
Who will refuse to properly see
The man behind the lines
The triplicated lines

No, baby, you you're not what I need
I don't need a helping hand
That's hidden in the sand
No, baby, you can't help me be free
It's painful to admit
But even I can see through my bullshit

One time they tried to sing to me
About blues and greens the in betweens
But mechanical hands decided where the
Heart would be: just apathy
I had been trying for years
And for years that streamed
To thrive, and relish entropy
But when he finally shot at me
Lines once solid were blurred

And right as he (I) missed, my eyes in a mist
I finally realized I shot at myself
The reflection of the else
The disconnection the side of the
Coin at once withheld

You know we've
Been here before, and will be once more
When we trip on the line that we toe
When we slip off the vine that's regrown
And when we fall into the darkness below
That's when we'll know

That we are stuck in between, in indemnity
The indomitable weather
Of opposites with no regard for time
No reason behind their rhyme
Slow, patternly, is the melody
That he's stringing together
But they have time enough to
Spend some time alone all alone
All alone all alone

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