Chonny Jash - Wings of Wax lyrics

[Chonny Jash - Wings of Wax lyrics]

Daedalus warned us of this before
An untimely demise to be
That those with a hopeful dream to soar'd
Best beware their hubris and complacency
He said: "Wings of wax can only fly so high
And swoop so low be careful son
Of the dampening tides and the
Melting gaze of Apollo"
But words of warning aren't worth much
When falling on deaf ears
The child: his feathers fell to dust
And the father: he fell to tears

So toe the line and stay aligned don't
Fall bеhind, but don't run ahead
You'll end up dead
Thе road we walk is lined in chalk and
Soon the clock will tick it's final tock
And death will knock

But there's an Icarus in all of
Us: a child struck by glee
We all lost trust in Daedalus once
We caught the thought of escaping
'cos we all get stuck, down on our luck
Yeah we're all just trapped on Crete
Oh there's an Icarus in all of us
Dreaming to escape our suffering

But perhaps this diegesis
Was just another farce
Is it truly man's great weakness
To wanna fly up high into the stars?
It seems awfully convenient
That those in linen robes
Wanna keep the world's obedience in
A stable state of limbo

So fuck it, fly as high and swoop as
Low as you would please
Since when the fuck was what we
Know transcribed by pricks like Socrates?
You trapped us on an island
And then you left us for dead
We watched the stars with broken hearts
And now we sure as shit won't stand around
These shackles cannot hold us down again

There's an Icarus in all of us
Sick of being the mean
So please tell us the difference
Between contentedness and complacency
Yeah I call your bluff, we've had enough
And there's no more words to placate me
'cos there's an Icarus in all of us
Dreaming to take flight with proud wax wings

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