Chonny Jash - Three paces away. lyrics

I'm not good at all that much
I can't sing, i can't write and I know
That I'm out of touch
I'm not worth much that, I know
So maybe it's fair that these days
And these nights feel so alone

I've got worries, I've got sins
But I know it's not all that
Bad in the scheme of things
And yet I lay here, half alive
I can't find any willpower I need
Now to fix this life

I can't tell you why, I feel this way
And I can't promise that I will
Still be here in three days
All it takes is one, miscalculation
To lock yourself into the
End to embrace stagnation

I won't lie to you oh I'm not well
I'm three paces away from reserving
My place in hell
But it's not anyone's fault
It's what I deserve
For the things that I've thought that I
Know no one else has heard

If I cry for help, but no one can hear
Does it mean that the feelings
I've felt have been insincere?
Is that what I truly fear?

I'm not worth much that, I know
And it's getting harder to find
A reason not to go
But I'm not done yet i'm still here
So I'll stick around just
For one more moment, to find some cheer

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