Chonny Jash - Slutteral Gump lyrics

[Chonny Jash - Slutteral Gump lyrics]

Don't be don't be
Don't be don't be lonely
Don't be lonely, don't be lonely
Don't be lonely, so, please, just go

What'cha sayin' is you
Don't wanna identify
And what we're playin' is
Another one for stimuli
'cos every day you do the
Same but never wanna try so look away
We took a page from the other guys
I can tell for sure you like
The way we set the tone
We didn't sell a soul
Wantin' to be unforgettable
Becausе you're stuck inside
Wonderin' why I'm on your mind
My funky rhymеs are unrefined, so we gotta go

It takes guts to make what we combine

This ain't nothin' played
For the summertime
My verse style is versatile, versus how you
Don't want to be in motion
Gotta be goin' while you're frozen

Rockin' the future the way I would do it but
Sooner or later you gotta be fluid to
Movin' and groovin' I'm into the music
I'm callin' you out but you
Gotta be stupid to
Sit there in a chair, so get over here
And sing with me now and get out of your home

Yeah it's like that, we play the right track
You say you'll fight back
But you remain confined and stagnant
Retaining your mind from sadness
Afraid of action too late as we establish
We're breakin' up out of the
Mould, and wakin' the old
And rakin' the old
Forsaking the shame that we hold
We're changin' the way you
Had stayed in control
I'm playin' the game, hopin'
At makin' a break, not prayin' for more
You lay and get bored and wait for the moment
That someone assuring you hate to be alone

What'cha showin' is you're prone
To want to empathize
Because my flow is outta control
But let me tell you why
Every, rapper's the same and
I know you've been waitin'
And changin', the radio station
You can't even keep up with me
I can see you wanna be the
King of what you own
We didn't sell our souls
Wantin' to be incredible
Because you're runnin' outside to
Open your eyes
Lovin' the way my crazy rhymes
Will make your mind explode

It takes guts to make what we combine
This ain't nothin' played for
The clubbin' kind
You wonder can this wunderkind be
One of a kind?
I wouldn't resign if I could try
Because I know you're mine
But so what? We roll up
A throat cut, oppose us like DOTA
'cos we're productive beats progressive
I see no less than this
Sing with me now and get out of your home

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