Chonny Jash - Greener lyrics

Here's that part again
Where your neighbour starts to
Mend their fence
And clean up all their woes and ugly things
And so you look on over
Trying not to meet their gaze
But before you get a good view
They're staring right back at you
Trying just as hard to see your own hue
Of green and blues

This 16: 9 LCD screen
Seems to make success look easy
As if I even know what that means
So is it my fault
That my yard's a dark shade of asphalt?
When all I really want is to be seen
As a simple, lowly, sacred human being

Wherever this goes, I want you to notice
I want you to hear i want you to know
This song as a ringing in your ear
These thoughts sing a sad, sad melody
But then, even the manic can live happily

Misconceptions of intent will get me down
Oh, the truth is that
I'm actually quite well (For now)
I'll tape a message to a stone
And throw it through your window
Just so you can finally see
That I'm not the one you should be envying

Wherever this goes, I want you to notice
I want you to see i want you to know
These shades that sit humbly in between
Your yard might not seem so heavenly
But I promise that mine is
No better shade of green

Wherever this goes, whatever ensues
These songs are my own these
Songs aren't for you
But still, I'm so glad you're listening

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