Chonny Jash - Good Day but it’s in a minor key (and made from scratch) lyrics

[Chonny Jash - Good Day but it’s in a minor key and made from scratch lyrics]

I'd like to say hello and
Welcome you, good day, That is my name
Come here and sit down
Don't you know that it's rare
That I even came?
We could even go and take a walk you
Know I'll only be here for a day
(We could even go and take a walk
I'll be here for a day, Be here for a day)
The bad thoughts will return and so you
Know that I can't really stay

Let us sing! (Aah, aah-aah)

Its name I hate to call it
Likes to say it's nothing
(It's nothing, I'm just tired)
It lives and breathes and it insists that
It insists that it is something
(It's something i'm suffеring)
It never likes to spеak or run

Or walk or breathe or eat
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhh)
Instead it creeps at night and sneaks on
In and festers while you sleep

Looking through glass eyes
Giving a few tries
Nothing goes right in it's time
Kill all it's bad dreams
Wonder 'bout no things
Circles and spirals in mind

But you know that this song is not
About a no or yes or why
What's really what I say is
That about a resignated sigh
So come along, I think I'm
Done, I think we're done, Yes this is done
The only question's whether it will be
With pills or a gun

You want me to sing? Fine

Looking through glazed eyes
Helps you to realize
Nothing's gone right in your life
The meds aren't that helpful
It's hard to stay half-full
When all you feel's anger and spite

I thought you knew I knew 'bout
Why I want to die and say goodbye
I wanted you to know, I
Thought you knew but why and by and why

(Everyone loves a potato monkey
I stepped on gum! I stepped on gum! Ohoho)

Fine I'll play the happy version
(Let us sing, let us sing)
Free from sadness and perversion
(Let us sing, let us sing)
Eyes be blocked from devastation
(Let us sing endlessly)
All to see is self-elation
(Carelessly, callously)
Birds and bees and television
(Let us see entropy)
Carboard boxes, x ray vision
(Enter me, enter ye)
You don't want to see the truth
(Let us sing resentful pleas)
What's convenient will do
(Helplessly, relentlessly)
Telephones and silly games (Let us read ABCs)
Periods and lots and lots of question marks
(Let us sing, let us sing)
(Let us sing, let us sing) oh, no

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