Chonny Jash - Hidden in the Sand lyrics

We were playing in the sand
And you found a little band
You said that you fell in love with it
Hadn't gone as I planned
When you had to bid adieu
You said you'd never love anew
I thought that I'd try to hold it
And fall in love with it too
You told me to buy a pony
But all I wanted was you

I remember you that day
I couldn't bear to look away
I sat there entranced
Entangled in every word that you'd say
But every night must have a dawn
And friend, these nights aren't very long
And so when I finally blinked and
I realized you were gone
Instead of finding you
I went home to write you a song

It was sorrowful and stark
But it always seemed to miss the mark
Every goddamn lyric seemed to be twisted
Creepy and dark
And once resentment settled down
I thought I'd finally fucking
Settled on a sound
But each and every melody that I
Heard would make my head pound
Oh I can't seem to separate
The confusing from the profound

We were playing in the sand
And I extended you a hand
You said that you'd rather die than be
Seen with me as your man
At least that's what I was convinced
And the pain's resounded ever since
But maybe it's simply that when I
Took my shot I missed
You know what they say
At the end of the day indifference is bliss

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