Chonny Jash - Two Wuv lyrics

I had this little thing a slight disparity
Between what I thought I was
And what I seemed to be
And back then I was so sure
Only a noose could end that war
But out of stubbornness or spite
My feet stayed on the floor

The duality I hid
Had begun to claw and writhe
But those sick, unsightly ids
Now run right by my side
And I'm still not sure it's safe
To attempt to satiate
The deviants sat inside
Those freaks I love to hate

Father, Saint and Mary, I hope you understand
But your sermons are fucked and I
Need to take a stand 'cos I think
That you've been playing this wrong
I've come around a thousand times but
I'm still singing this song


I wrote a couple rhymes
Ovеr tunes I didn't write
In an attempt to rеconcile
What keeps me up at night
But as ideas began to grow
And the track list followed suit
The halves I once reviled
Had finally settled their dispute

Brothers, friends and family
I hope you understand
That the person you see is a dark
Divided man but the fact
Is that is just who I am, and I can't
Keep selling this facade when I
Know that it's a scam

Father, Saint and Mary, I hope you understand
But your sermons are fucked
And it's time to take a stand
'cos I'm sick of hearing fears and demands
Can you tell me the point in
Preaching if I'm already damned?
Who knew that what two can
Bring could be so unique?
This format that you had brought to me:
Tridential sovereignty

To anyone who knows me
I'm sure I sound absurd
But I'm an egoistic queer under
Any definition of the word but I think
For the first time in my life
That these oddities that bonded me
Aren't worth the fucking strife

So call me sick or crazy
If that's what you'd prefer
But that rotten melody is
One I've already heard
And you can stick that shit
Where it can't be harmonized
I refuse to be the person
That my parents eulogize

Call me sick or crazy call
Me what you'd like
Fog so thick and hazy calls for holy light

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