Chonny Jash - WE’RE GONNA WIN lyrics

My life is a constant entrapment of tunnels
Which tangle and wind and beguile
And regardless of where I
May tumble or funnel
I wonder what's really worthwhile
Sometimes it can seem like a merciless
(nightmarish) dream
And I'm falling with nothing to hold
Sometimes I get flustered and
Beaten and blistered
Abandoned, outside in the cold

But I'm gonna win, I'm gonna try
I'll never lose, I'll never die
You've seen me before, you'll see me again
I'll never give up, I'll never give in
Til I'm bloody and bruised
(That it's all in my head)
Til I've broken my bones
(There's no room to be blue)
Til I won't be abused
(Everything will be fine)
Til I'm laughing alone
(I'll be making it through)

It's hard to be charming
And smart and disarming
It's hard to keep up with the rest
(It's hard to pretend you're the best)
It's hard to fulfill
Everyone's expectations
It's hard to pretend you're the best
(It's hard to keep up with the rest)

But all, all of my friends help me go
And all, all of my friends let me know
That it's all in my head
(Til I'm bloody and bruised)
There's no room to be blue
(Til I've broken my bones)
Everything will be fine
(Til I won't be abused)
I'll be making it through
(Til I'm laughing alone)

How do you feel?
You've been concealing your worries
From the world
But we're not so different, you see
You wouldn't know (They might assist)
If they'd really exist, but
(You go on even though, oh)
It's just you and me
It's just myself and I
We are all that we need
We are all that survives

And we are not done (We will not fall)
And we, we are not done
Now that we're one (Don't you know?)
Now that we're whole
We've fought in the past
We've broken our bones
(The fun's just begun)
But now we've at last harmonized our tones
(Here we go) we'll be writing our songs
We'll be shaping our sound
Til we've been here too long
And we're dead in the ground

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