That Mexican OT, Ralph Barbosa Jr - Commentator (Skit, Pt. 2) lyrics

Virgil René Gazca

Ralph Barbosa Jr

[That Mexican OT, Ralph Barbosa Jr - Commentator Skit, Pt. 2 lyrics]

Mil Gallitos with tons to prove here
Wants to carry on the legacy
Of his late great brother fat Gallitos
Who was killed in the ring by
A luchador named El Puerko Azul
Oh, and all the sudden a turn of events
El Bango Wifo has got Mil Gallitos
Locked in his signature hold
The Reverse Doggystyle Lily Hammer
Mil Gallitos refusing to tap in
His tag team partner
The Invisible Masturbator
The Invisible Masturbator has one
Hand in the ring begging to be tapped in
Meanwhile, his other hand cannot be seen
But we can imagine whеre it's at, OT
I'll tell you what
If I'm Mil Gallitos right now
I would just accept thе loss, I'd tap
I'd accept what's gonna happen to my wife
It's nothing that burning a
Few Gallitos couldn't fix (yeah, yeah)
Yeah, but I still wouldn't want
To touch that hand either, pimp Hand
Oh, and out of the nowhere
The ring has been swarmed by the
Wrestling world's most hated luchadores
Los Federales
Los Federales? I hate those guys

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