That Mexican OT, Ralph Barbosa Jr - Conscience (Skit) lyrics

Virgil René Gazca

Ralph Barbosa Jr

[That Mexican OT, Ralph Barbosa Jr - Conscience Skit lyrics]

Ayy, OT, it's me, man it's your conscience
Yeah, I know you ain't heard
From me in a bit
But, I just wanted to tell you
These drugs you be doing
Man, they go hard, Cuz
I fuckin' love these drugs
You got me addicted
I-, I'm even surprised how you can
Hang with some of these
I thought we was out of there
A couple times, but nah
You stood your ground
I know you ain't heard from
Me in a long time, but-
It's just 'cause I've been high
Off my ass from the-
From that loud you be smokin'
I don't even have eyelids and you
Got my eyes low as hell
But, I just wanted to tell you a few things
You know? Just from-, from me
Your conscience, to you just-
Just wanted to say that
You're doing good, man
Doing the right things
You're making your fans proud
They resonate with you
People say you gotta slow down
And enjoy what's real
You know, to be human and humble?
Fuck that, that's broke people shit
Don't listen to them, listen to me
Keep drinkin' a lot, smoke a lot
Eat a bunch of mushrooms do your thing
That slowin' down shit, that-
That's for people in their forty's
You're gonna live forever
I swear to God you will, trust me
I know, what I'm talking 'bout but anyway

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