That Mexican OT - Groovin (Remix) lyrics

Virgil René Gazca

[That Mexican OT - Groovin Remix lyrics]

Yeah, I, I might just hey, mute me, C4
Yeah, wicked Libra in this bitch
Break dancing and shit

I, I might just push up to your turf
Then tag toe you that's what them loc's do
Kill you and don't know you
My chopper be screaming
Yo' chopper be whispering
I said, "yeah, I took his life"
And I don't care who listening
Went to your funeral and told your
Mama you resting in peace now
Take a look at him
Why you laying in this casket? Say peace out
You take one of mine and then
I take one of yours
And we be catching anybody just
Like we playing some sports
On gangster, buster
I might have to go buy it
Gangsta thuggin' and you know
- I ain't stopping
I got that rocket in my pocket
Put some powder in my nose and
Then my jaw start lockin'
Like hog hunting at 3 AM
My spotlight is spotting
That's why I gotta watch my back
People scheming and plotting
But, I can't go out like that
No, I got something to prove
And I can't worry about a busta
I got something to lose
And I can't trust none of these net nats
They gon' make me a fool
My mama told me I'm a gangster
'cause it run in our blood
Like Mother Nature with these tricks
I let it rain, let it flood
And I be acting like peroxide when
I'm all in the guts
So if you say you want some smoke, yeah
I'ma roll you like blunts
I sell them Xannies (I sell them Xannies)
They make me do things I don't wanna do
Puffing on that poison
Now I'm moving like I'm chopped and screwed
Merry Christmas
Santa brought me all these Christmas trees
First stop flipping
Then invest into some coco' leaves
I got some vatos that go
Loco for that Coco Puff
Never fall into information
I'ma keep it hush
And these OG's acting like they tough
But, I ain't seen enough
And I don't want to hear no lies
'cause you ain't feeding us
Run through your crib and touch on
Fella while I'm powdered up
My mama told me I ain't got nobody but myself
But when I do these drugs
I'm feeling like I'm someone else
And when Virgil died
That's when OT come alive
Birds chirping wake and bake
First thing is get high
Get her weed, get her goin'
After that I multiply
I told her grind, I'll see you later
I'm on my way to the sky
Grooving in the spaceship while
I'm telling the Earth, "Bye"
'Cause, I'I I be cooling
Zooted and booted, we grooving out
Like a fat boy in the PE class
Weed got me passing out
Hold up, you don't know how I roll
I'm moving too deep
It's that boy OT and his pole

I be cooling in my spaceship, groovin'
Uh, huh, uh huh
Yeah, I'm cooling in my spaceship, groovin'
Yeah, yeah, right on

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