That Mexican OT - Cowboy in New York lyrics

Virgil René Gazca

[That Mexican OT - Cowboy in New York lyrics]

My mama told me it's gon' be okay
I said I believe her
And I ain't want you to go to heaven, mama
I still need you
You was in the sky, couldn't recognize, mama
I need to see you
Now I questioned God about it
All, I'm asking Him, "Well
What did we do we?"
We ain't deserve this pain
And why is our world full of rain?
I'm tryna see the green grass on
A good bright sunny day
I'm tryna hold my mama and
Tell her, "Don't worry, mama, I got you"
She taught me, "Watch out for that fake
Love, " so when I see it, i spot you
If you need me, I got you
But don't cross me, I demand respect
Don't give it and I'll crop you
And I got Crip's that pop too
I got Blood's down that road to
Respect Locs and the color blue
My heart's cold, I got no flu
Don't let me sneeze, this-, achoo
Creep in the night, black shoes
Black shirt and the pants black too
And if you're not one deep
Whoever you with, shit
They gettin' capped too
Hey, cuz, I might just smack this dude
The people that came with, shit
We gon' cap them too
I'll make them regret it like a bad tattoo
Say you want smoke
Take a hit and pass it back
And I'ma pass that too
Ayy, yo, C4, pass me the tool
Run through his crib
I want the cash and the loot
I'll choke him out until his face
Turned blue like Benjamin Franklin
That's my favorite lo'
They say you want some cannabis
Burn 'em down to a roach
I caught him lacking
Chit-chattin' on his grandma's porch
I'm on the back of the gun
The other side is no fun
Y'all think that dude y'all daddy? Bitch
You my son i had your mama eatin' my
Llama for breakfast and lunch
I hung your brother with a shoelace
No face, no case
And now we back to square one
That money callin', it's tryna hollar
I'm looking for guala
These nat nats be tryna sidetrack, man
I tell 'em to stop it look, right on, huh

Smoke me a woody, I'm feelin' goody, I'm gone
I told the Earth, "I'm going out
I'll be back home"
Good dope, good dope, I roll it up, yeah
Actavis sipper, I pour a four
In my double cup, why?
'Cause, I'm in love with these drugs
Yes, I'm in love with these drugs
Bitch, I'm in love with these drugs
Yes, I'm in love with these drugs

Hot like fire when I ignite her
She want me to kiss her her name's Sativa
She told me Indica was her step-sister
She's from Switzerland, the other one's Dutch
And if he's an Alphasoa, hop them over
Get rolled up
And I threw him in the backwoods
And now he John Doe-d up
And I burnt him like a Philly
His top lookin' frizzy
He want some ice smoke, bruh
But, if you got five on the white hour
Then you might tote somethin'
Slingin' Berettas, we down for whatever
My Crip just might blow somethin'
And how you mess up rotation? Just take
A hit and pass it back
And they know how I'm steppin'
I'm from the South side of the map
I'll be Southside steppin', chin checkin'
That MAC-11 will send him to heaven
Somebody call up the Reverend now

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