That Mexican OT - Commentator (Skit, Pt. 3) (feat. Ralph Barbosa Jr) lyrics

Virgil René Gazca

Ralph Barbosa Jr

[That Mexican OT - Commentator Skit, Pt. 3 feat. Ralph Barbosa Jr lyrics]

They tearing the ring up
Only God knows what they're searching for
Pimp Hand
They took Mil Gallitos pants off and
Now they're disposing of him
Just wanna remind everyone here, OT
That Los Federales will leave everybody
Alone if someone would
Just hand them some cash under a table
Oh, speak of the devil
The Invisible Masturbator has pulled his
Hand from out of his
Pants and in that hand is a wad of cash
He's now passing the cash under the
Table to the Los Federales
And out of nowhere comes
Mil Gallitos picking up
That table and smashing it on those Federales
Now he's smashed it on Bango wifo
Mil Gallitos and Invisible Masturbator
Are now the ninth
Annual Lucha Libre champions of the world
Oh man, I guess if there's
Anything to learn here today
It's that nothing can beat good
Ol' fashion marijuana and masturbation

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